Pattern Review: Burda Blouse 10-2010-118

IMG_0810 This blouse has been finished for ages, but I’ve not had any interest in taking photos of it or writing about it.  But since today is Me-Made-May Day 6, and this is what I wore, I kinda sorta had to take pictures and so I may as well write about it, don’t ya think? I picked this Burda blouse in my desire to sew through some of the blouse fabrics that have been waiting for the light of day.  I originally thought I’d use this weird fabric…IMG_0852… but it has a definite mind and body of its own that does NOT look good in something as shapeless as this blouse.  It’s a rayon crinkle with another layer of the same rayon as a backing.  It’s cool, but it so did not work with this pattern.  So I disassembled it and will use it for something else someday.

But I really wanted to make up this blouse.  Don’t you just love the bow?  So I went a-hunting through the stash and came up with the remnants from this dress.  I don’t have the dress anymore.  Surprised?  I seem to give away as many garments as I sew.  But I love love loved this silk chiffon, and it worked nicely with the shapeless design of the pattern.IMG_0812

Shapeless garments don’t really work on my figure, but the chiffon is light enough and I cut this shirt one size smaller than I normally would, so it works well.  My only complaint is the sleeves:  the hem is supposed to be turned up twice, but it won’t stay there and I don’t want to stitch them into place.  I cut the ties on the bias, but used the narrow width suggested for the shorter tie on version A with the length of version B.  Well, I cut as much length as I could out of the remnant.  I didn’t bother finishing the edges of the tie, since it’s cut on the bias.  The seams are French seams; the hems on the bottom and the sleeves are narrow hems. 

This was the blouse that asked for a Ruby, and got one.



12 thoughts on “Pattern Review: Burda Blouse 10-2010-118

  1. Oh wow, that is a perfect pattern and fabric combination. I think this works beautifully. As others have said, it’s not shapeless at all, and chiffon has that kind of magic to it!

  2. Interesting – I too have issues with shapeless garments, so it’s good to keep that in mind about the chiffon, cause it looks lovely and perfectly fitted on you! 🙂

  3. This is a great blouse. I’ve been eyeing that pattern off and it wonderful to see someone else make it up just while I’m thinking about it!

  4. I agree with all the above comments – lovely blouse. Isn’t it intereting how using something other than the recommended fabric can result in a very different look. The trick is knowing when to follow the recommendations and how much to do your own thing. Not sure I’m there yet …

  5. I love blouses like this but yours looks so different to the line drawing. I was put off making it up as it looks so high necked ! Yours is a million times better and your fabric is perfect for it. This is going on my list now 🙂

  6. I love the fabric. It does not look shapeless on you at all. It skims the body, but it isn’t a sack. I like your version better than the one in Burda. The Burda one’s neck tie looked thick and high on the neck. You’re looks more relaxed and less fussy.

  7. This looks great – I know what you mean about shapeless tops – but this one isn’t shapeless. The fabric is lovely – your ‘Ruby’ goes well with it – seems to add depth to the purple ?? Thanks for the construction details.

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