Skinny pants: Vogue 1039

OK.  Pretty pictures first.  Just keep in mind how slim, elegant and long-legged the pants on the model are in the picture above.   First, I’d love to say that I really had fun making up these pants.  Of course, mine look nothing at all like hers because I’m not elongated like she is, but the details are all the same!  First up, lookee here at the pocketses!

IMG_0855 IMG_0856And the detail at the centre back yoke.  Crappy topstitching job, but honestly, no one will notice or care once I’m wearing them.  And the little tab is truly sewn in straight – you just can’t tell from the angle at which the pants are laying!IMG_0853The inside.  I used gingham remnants for the binding and pocket liningIMG_0854 Let me just say that this pair of pants is designed a little on the large side.  I cut one full size smaller than what I usually cut for a Vogue, and this is what I ended up with.IMG_0897Not so skimming, huh?  The waist fits perfectly, after tapering down one size as per my usual adjustment.  But I had to take in a 2 full inches from the inseam and crotch.  And then I noticed that I could have should have taken in two inches at the centre front.  Too bad for this pair, because I’m not going to adjust them any more! Obviously I can still take in more across the back, but I’m settling for this particular pair.  The picture above was taken after wearing them for a few hours post adjustments and the fabric bagged.  I guess it’s missing the Lycra.  There’s still too much fabric in the back leg, too, which I shall fix for the next pair.

What’s that you say?  Yup.  I’ve decided these were so much fun (thank you, pockets!) that I’m going to make up a second pair and see if I can make them skinnier.  I may regret this yet….


12 thoughts on “Skinny pants: Vogue 1039

  1. What lovely details–I love when trousers have that little tab in back. It’s so hard to dislike something when all the details have come out so well, isn’t it? Most of the time for me, this always happens on trousers! Heehee, and we cannot see the model’s backside on the pattern, so we have no idea what’s going on there. For all we know these could be jodhpurs on her!

  2. Beautifully made. How frustrating about the sizing. Thanks for reinforcing that Burda is good. I don’t feel so bad about my love affair with Burda patterns!

  3. Ugh! All that time to make the lovely details, and then they are huge! I love Burda trousers. I’m thinking about trying a pair of Simplicity Amazing fit. Good luck with the next pair! Be bold in your sizing down:-)

  4. Those pants have wonderful details, and the fit is just fine after all your alterations. I can’t believe they were drafted like that…2 inches extra???? The model must have clips all down the back of her pants. I’m so impressed by your sewing.

  5. I really like those details centre back and pockets too. Weird sizing particularly given the envelop pic does seem to show leg hugging jobbies, though they’ve turned out fine and I think are definitely wearable regardless of the back etc.

    PS I love lycra too and wish more fabrics came with the stuff. Mum reminds me that when she started sewing stretch fabrics weren’t available at all!!

  6. Yay! The pockets are so much fun to make! I had to take 4 cm total around the leg. I loved all the details of the constructions but I have to say I still haven´t found better trousers patterns than Burda´s.
    Your version looks great. Waiting for the second version!

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