Unusual. Definitely unusual.

IMG_1046 Well, it’s done!  Donna Karan’s unusual top courtesy Vogue 1039 and the accompanying pants, unveiled yesterday.  I’m not wearing this outfit today, but since I was futzing with the pants yesterday, I thought I’d throw on the top (which has been hanging in my closet for a couple of weeks) and take pictures of it.IMG_1095

Let me just say there is nothing like me-made challenges to make you understand what you should and shouldn’t wear for your body’s shape.  Take this top for instance.  I love this top.  I love everything about it:  the pleats, the fabric choice (same green silk as my Ruby camisole), the ruching down the side seams and the general weirdness of it all.  But I don’t think this top really likes me.  I made this up in my chest size – not my bust size – to get the fit through the shoulders.  This is my general rule of thumb, and then I usually proceed with an FBA.  The pattern describes this tunic as a loose-fitting.  Sure. It’s very loose fitting, but it is not loose fitting through the bust.  There is supposedly two inches of wearing ease through the bust point.  Unfortunately for me, the chest:bust ratio that I own negated that wearing ease.  I should have cut my bust size.  I just need to find an undergarment that FLATTENS instead of supports.  Then the darn thing will hang closer to my body.  But whatever! This top is so weird that I’ll probably wear it anyways just for the strange looks I’ll get! And there are a LOT pleats in the back.  Isn’t this cool?  What’s not to love about the 30 odd mini-pleats and the ruching?IMG_1037 And if it’s windy, or I turn suddenly, it billows out and adds about 100cm to my circumference.IMG_1099Well, there’s no one else in my social circle that owns such a top.  And that’s why I sew!IMG_1096


16 thoughts on “Unusual. Definitely unusual.

  1. I understand what you mean about the side views but the workmanship that went into that blouse should be shared with the less fortunate. It is a beautiful top!

  2. I love the things you try. Sometimes I like putting a designer-y design on just to see the contrast with my body. The pleats are gorgeous… I’d have to get that pattern just to steal that part!

  3. This top is so dramatic that anyone looking will be swayed by the silhouette and the silk. Would you wear it with a long straight black skirt? That would be so cool. All that said, I couldn’t pull it off, but I believe you can.

  4. This is some kind of top! It must have taken you forever to make it. I’m sure you’ll soon figure out exactly how and when to wear it 🙂 Very theatrical indeed!

  5. OK, that is really an awesome top. I’m not sure it’s the best for your body—the front view is gorgeous, the side not quite so much—but all in all, really cool. Love the ruching and the back pleats. The tightness of the bust isn’t apparent. How does it work with a belt?

  6. Ignore any typos- I can’t type accurately while kicking my feet and screaming, ‘I want, I want, I want’ at the top of my lungs. That top is sooooooo ginchy!!

  7. Actually it looks pretty hot. Wear it over a pencil skirt/ tight pants and maybe a skinny belt if you feel it’s too loose/ frumpy. I like the colour and texture of that top on you. And your hair looks really nice with it in the outdoor shots.

  8. I love this top- style, fabric, details, overall weirdness! It hides your trim waist and hourglass figure, but it would be great to wear at long lunches…

  9. I love the top too! The colour is beautiful, the fabric lush, the details are intriguing. This looks like a tough top to wear for anyone with a bust, hips, etc. So that’s most of us!

  10. It’s a gorgeous top regardless of fit/shape issues!

    It’s strange, I sometimes wear less-than-flattering things if I’ve made them and love the pattern – but I would never buy RTW things that weren’t 100% flattering! I don’t know why that is.

  11. interesting – I can see how the design was inspired by c18th gowns, and it almost works, just not quite. I think part of the problem is its really flatters your bust from the side view, but makes your boobs looks a bit saggy from the front (which it isn’t(

    I know your frustration. I never use patterns, but I’ve had the odd design of my own that would look fab on someone else but doesn’t love me

  12. It turned out as nice as it could, but let me tell you something: This top doesn´t like anybody unless you are a stick! Same problems over here! But we´ll wear it, won´t we? ; D


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