Burda 09/2011 #106: My favourite top

In honour of Me-Made-May’s weekly challenge, I whipped up this new top just this morning!  It’s green day today, and I wanted to have a green top.  I have lots of green in my closet, but didn’t want to wear any of it.  This fabric is a lovely lightweight jersey from EmmaOneSock that I bought last year, I think.  It’s got a wonderful swirly pattern in the entire range of green that exists, from dark forest to a very yellowy chartreuse.IMG_1450It’s so easy to whip up a new one that I find myself turning to it again and again.  Today I made up a new short-sleeved version, although I did not do the lined sleeve as per Burda’s instructions.  I simply cut the larger sleeve, gathered the top and ran a length of elastic through the sleeve hem.  I like it with sleeves!IMG_1452Here is another sleeveless version of it.  You’ve seen my original version here.  It’s another top in regular rotation these days.  The fabric below wasn’t the perfect choice for this pattern.  It’s a stretch woven polyester with metallic and was in the “roll ends” section of EmmaOneSock. It probably would have been better as a skirt – it’s got amazing recovery, but I really couldn’t see myself wearing a skirt out of a weird coloured fabric.  It reminded me of something vintage – it’s such an odd plasticky-peachy-silly-putty colour – but I’m not sure what in my memory jogged that connection.b ss2011 421 contrast bindingI used the reverse for the neck and armhole bindings, and no, I’m not grinning at someone just before I put them out of their earthly misery with my cast-iron skillet. This photo is actually from the Me-Made-May first Friday challenge “food”.  I’m wearing my Burda breezy skirt with the top.mmm5 cooking

I also made this top from silk jersey remnants, but because I was working with bits of fabric instead of complete yardage, the pattern didn’t work out so well.  I wore it twice, and this is the only evidence, as it left my house for the thrift shop.  Yes, it looked that bad!7170843688_9409a9cc6f_b


12 thoughts on “Burda 09/2011 #106: My favourite top

  1. Both tops are lovely. Love the way the wrong side trim looks on the sleevelss version. Silly Putty, I haven’t thought of that in years. Yes that is the weird pinky color it was.

  2. You win some you lose some! One top to the charity shop and two fab tops plus a tnt pattern- not a bad trade off overall!

      1. D’oh! Sorry I didn’t think about that possibility! Burda Plus and Burda Easy versions are even more scarce than Burda Style is in my city……


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