Liberty, how do I love thee!

I’m pre-washing and drying some of my Liberty Art fabrics in preparation for summer projects.  Thrown into the mix are a couple of beautiful batiks and a modern print voile.

From L to R:  unknown (help me out with a comment if you know this print, please!!), Pelagia, Molina, Ros,  Angelica Naylah (wrong side out), blue and brown batik, Mollybish, purple print voile, Mark, Clara and Mabelle

Sounds like a regular family get-together!

11 thoughts on “Liberty, how do I love thee!

  1. Let me tell you, I have never pined over a washing line before, but THAT one – I want to fly in and fly out with it! They’re so pretty and I look forward to seeing what you turn them in to.

  2. OMG! If you were my neighbour you´d better be careful before I´d go and snatch all those beauties from your line!


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