Me-Made-May ’12

MMM 31 MMM ’12 is finished with a big thank you to Zoe – graffiti style on the side of my house – for organizing this challenge.  This is the third me-made challenge I’ve participated in (you can see the others listed on the right under What I Wore), and so far, I think, my most successful.  The weather cooperated, which was a HUGE part of being able to make this work, and I’ve managed to sew a few more very wearable items over the last year or 18 months that have made it into regular rotation in my wardrobe.  I am quite surprised at how many days I wanted to reach for capris, but didn’t have enough me-mades to choose from.  I hope to rectify this over the next little while.

If you’d like to see what I wore this past month, I’m stealing this wonderful idea from Amy of SewWell and giving you a linkable screen shot of my Flickr set so you can read about each day, if you’d like.  I gave up writing a really long post with all the respective blog links for each outfit like Claudine did.  I suspect she was really smart, though, and worked on her compilation post all through May, because it was in my reader first thing this morning! If you do decide to click through to Flickr, be sure to browse on through to the group Flickr pool.  Hope to see you all there next year!


8 thoughts on “Me-Made-May ’12

  1. Wow, so impressed with how many different outfits you managed… did you even repeat a single one? They’re all fabulous – great job!! 🙂

  2. what lovely outfits (dresses!), and all the different photo scenes. I love the one from the back of you and your girls. I missed so much of May so it’s fun seeing the whole collage. Looks like you are having a gorgeous spring.

  3. I love the snapshot of your whole month. Isn’t it fun to see the month all together? And, what a fun and creative way to say thank you to Zoe.

    1. Hi, Dawn! Thanks for visiting my blog. I buy most of my wools, silks and linens from L.A. Fabrics or Leo’s Textiles on Queen Street. Sometimes I’ll order silks online, and I regularly haunt EmmaOneSock’s website for knits and her roll ends. All of my Liberty fabric comes from Ebay.

  4. Yes, I did work on my post throughout the month. There is no way I would have put all those links in all at once. I love your gallery.


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