E’s Prom Dress 4: Bodice Lining

Boning channels in the bodice lining.  I used an Egyptian cotton shirting – feels lovely next to the skin – for the lining, and grosgrain ribbon for the channels.  I’ll be using spiral steel boning for the bodice.


4 thoughts on “E’s Prom Dress 4: Bodice Lining

  1. Thank you for your recent kind comment on my blog as I am totally in awe of your beautiful sewing.I have just delivered to my daughter an evening dress for a May Ball at her university and it was the first time I had made anything like it.I did not make it as nice as I wanted to and I didn’t add any embellishments but it looks quite nice on and my daughter is happy with it.Looking forward to seeing this dress finished!

  2. I’ve been away and I have just seen all the prom dress posts. Wow! When your girls go to prom they will be so L U C K Y !

  3. What a meticulous work you are doing there! I never tried boning, looks very complicated. I´m eager to see the result!


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