E’s Prom Dress Finale

Front view, modeled so nicely by my vintage Acme fully adjustable “living” dress form.  🙂

Bodice front

Another bodice pic.  I tried to get those sparkly star effect thingys happening with the light prisming through the crystals, but obviously my photography skills aren’t up to snuff, and I wasn’t about to Photoshop them in.

So there we have it.  Six yards of silk chiffon + silk peau de soie bodice embroidered with freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, silk flowers, japanese seed beads + petticoats and a variety of supporting layers = one completed prom dress.  I had a lot of fun!!!


29 thoughts on “E’s Prom Dress Finale

  1. What a fun dress! I’d love to undertake a gown like this but at the moment don’t know any prom-going teenagers. The silk panel print is amazing, and I can “see” how sparkly the crystals are.

  2. Oh oh oh oh oh…. You clever wonderful mum. It was worth every single sneak peak post and then some. Please can we see it on your gorgeous girl too? Please pretty please?

    1. hahahaha! Well, when I like a project, I guess everything else falls by the wayside. I think I’ve done a lot of grumbling about looking after the kids and feeding people, etc., etc., since I started it!

  3. wow, what a great job you’ve done. I love that edge print. You’ve earned soooo many good karma points making this teenage girl so happy, good for you!

  4. Gorgeous! A girl can have so many treasured memories from the big night- this will definitely be one of them. I’m so glad you shared this work with us!

  5. Truly amazing. The work on the bodice is spectacularand correspond pefectly the flowers of the skirt. I gues it is stillmore beautiful in the real life. And you were so quick. Congratulations


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