Angelica Naylah

v8747I’ve made a shirt from a Liberty print in my stash called “Angelia Naylah” using Vogue 8747.  I really hemmed and hawed about this pattern, because most of the ones over at PatternReview are out of solids, and I really wasn’t liking any of them that much.  Then I found one out of a white/celery print, and it sold me on this pattern for this print.  I’m happy to say I probably still have enough yardage to get a sheath dress out of this, too.  What can I say?  I really like tana lawn.Angelica NaylahI really need to work on the fit through the back shoulders on shirts, but I’m afraid to make them too perfectly fit, because I want the wearing ease.  I must say this pattern fits wonderfully.  It’s a Custom-Fit, which I wasn’t too enthused about, because the last time I used a custom-fit pattern from Simplicity, there wasn’t enough room in their built-in FBA for me.  This Vogue custom fit is perfect.  It’s so nice not to have to tweak a pattern endlessly.  I know, some of you are muttering “make a sloper/block”.  I guess I should, but it’s just so much work to get one, y’know?  Don’t ask. My laziness is not always logical.  🙂IMG_2083The nice this about this pattern is that it has princess seams in the back, too, instead of darts.  I’m starting to not like darts so much for shaping through the back of garments for me because I require so much shaping and the darts can be very deep and ugly.  And I’m amazed at how sloping my shoulders are…

Here’s the side view.  I made the long-sleeved version with the full cuffs.  My only complaint is that there is not a proper sleeve placket included in the pattern, so if you want a real sleeve placket, you’ll have to draft your own or borrow one from another pattern.V8747 sideI really like the collar and curved front bands on this shirt. The small gathers at the CF through the bustline work for me, too.  And can I just put in a plug for Pam of Fashion Sewing Supply fame?  Oh. My. Goodness.  That woman is wonderful beyond words.  I used her super-crisp shirt interfacing for this little darling, and it is dream interfacing.  I have always HATED using fusible interfacings, especially on fine cotton shirts, but the the Pro-Woven she sells is divine.  I washed this shirt in my washer – not by hand – and the interfacing didn’t budge.  Didn’t bubble or buckle and there’s no horrid little glue dots that can occur with some interfacings.  If you haven’t ordered anything from her, do!  I just placed a big order the other week and nearly choked on her shipping charges to Canada, but God bless her, she wrote back a very thorough, long and patient explanation regarding weight and US shipping comparisons and I was just so amazed at the customer service she provided!  I am so glad that I used the Super-Crisp on this shirt.  I was a bit worried it would be too crisp for the lawn, but it’s really nice!  You know how many shirts I’ve trashed over the years because of crappy interfacing issues?  Not this one!  Thanks, Pam!IMG_2099


12 thoughts on “Angelica Naylah

  1. Oh wow this looks fab and the print is perfect. I’m a little scared to check the rates for shipping Fabric Sewing Supply stuff to NZ, which I imgaine is rather more than shipping to Canada…

  2. Is there a bricks and mortar store that sells Liberty fabrics in Canada? I just can’t do fabric shopping on the net – I need to feel and touch before I buy.
    Lovely blouse!

    1. There is a place in Toronto called L.A. Fabrics on Queen Street West that will sometimes carry few bolts of it, and very reasonably priced, too. I think in the $20/yd range or something like that. But once you’ve touched, lived and sewn with Liberty tana lawn, you know what you’re getting and it’s easier to buy it online. Ebay is my place of choice – the prices are very affordable!

  3. Lovely!! Thanks for the tip on the interfacing too 🙂

    Forgive my small rant here, but aren’t fabric shipping charges to Canada in general just RIDICULOUS?? I mean it’s not like we’re on the other side of the world…. that’s what stops me from ordering online most of the time, but I checked out FFS site and their shipping rates are pretty reasonable compared to some I’ve been ripped off by.

    Word to the wise: avoid Fashion Fabrics Club at all cost – I ordered 2 yards of silk crepe from them awhile back, and got charged $30 shipping for it. Plus the customer service was atrocious. Crazy town! LOL

    1. I totally hear you. That’s why I don’t order from FabricMart or Gorgeous Fabrics, much as I’d like to. But good interfacing is worth the extra shipping – I just order 10 yards at a time!

  4. Lovely shirt and indeed a great fit! I have some tana lawn that I’ve been saving and can’t figure out what to make… I really want to try sewing with it because it’s so soft! You’re right about her interfacings–I have tried all of her fusibles now and they are not anywhere close to the stuff I grew up using. The Pro Sheer is my favorite–it’s so light and I barely need any steam to fuse it. It doesn’t budge.

  5. I have been considering making a sloper/block for some time now. I’ve read on a few sewing blogs how valuable it is to have one. My only problem is I am not sure how to use it after I make one. That is why I haven’t put the time into making one.
    Love your shirt.

  6. The fit in the front is *perfect*. I think you were wise to leave some wearing ease in the back. I’ve made shirts and jackets that look beautiful, but only when I don’t move my arms, lol!


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