My graduate

hannah 8

It’s funny how time flies.  DD1 is officially finished middle school and will start her high school adventure in the fall.  Needless to say, it’s odd wondering how she grew up so quickly, and yet I’m so completely proud of her and love the young woman she’s grown into.

There’s been a lot of discussions in our house since March about what exactly she would wear to her grade 8 grad.  She’s not one to go with the crowd, so I V1249thought perhaps suggesting this strapless jumpsuit from Mark & James by Badgley Mischka would be nice.   She agreed, but then we got hung up on what shoes to wear.  Shoes are a bit of a problem in our house, and I willingly accept the blame for starting the obsession.  I love shoes, and so do all my dear daughters.  Initially DD1 really wanted a pair of Jimmy Choos from 2010 that we couldn’t find anywhere except on Ebay for twice what she was willing to pay.  (Did I mention she’s been saving her pennies since Christmas in order to purchase grad shoes?)  Then she settled on these lovely Edelman’s, and decided the pants needed to be shorter.  After all, it is about seeing the shoes, right?  I suggested the hems would get shredded, and the entire look of the outfit depends on the pants being long, not capri length.  So she started studying through my Burda library for an alternative that would show her shoes to satisfaction, and settled on Burda 5-2011-111, provided we could find a decent fabric.   Burda describes the dress as “blouson”.

Burda 5-2011-111 technical drawing Initially she chose a wild silk chiffon from my stash, but it was red, and when I came home from a lark shopping trip through Fabricland with this poly/rayon burnout remnant, she dumped the red and jumped at the greens.pockets

It even as pockets, which, in my harebrainedness, I pressed to the back, and never noticed until we were taking these pictures after the day was done.  She thought it was funny, though.  “What’s this in the back of the dress??  Oh, the pockets!  Ha ha!”


I raised the back opening by about 2 inches, so you can see that it’s pretty low.  There was a lot of discussion about undergarments, because she insisted refused point blank to go without.  And I can tell you that the stick-on silicone backless/strapless option works wonderfully!  (TMI?) The dress is completely underlined with a nude silk crepe de chine, which hangs nicely and is super comfortable to wear.  I also lengthened the dress by about 10 inches, but ended up cutting off about 5 inches of that prior to hemming because the bottom is really narrow and she couldn’t walk up the stairs!  (Daddy was a bit leery of a mini dress, as was she).  As it stands, I’ll probably be shortening it again by about 2 inches because the bottom side seams tore during the many trips up to the platform and the dance afterwards, and there’s no fabric left in the allowances to re-stitch them.  By the way, the lovely pattern matching at the side seams was a complete fluke.  I literally squeeeeked the dress out of the fabric and gave no thought at all to matching anything except the colours at the shoulder/centre sleeve area.

And now the point of this exercise: do you like her shoes?

hannah 9

I must say I’m so proud of her.  She was elegant, self-confident and walked with ease in those 4 inch heels.  She has grown with grace and I’m so happy to have been given the privilege of looking after her as she continues on her journey.  Love you – lots and lots – firstborn daughter of mine.  May you always walk with your head held high and that smile in your heart and twinkling in your eyes.


25 thoughts on “My graduate

  1. She looks amazing! The green fabric was a great choice! Some people just have a great feel for choosing the right color, without even having tried it on. You daughter must be one of those people! 🙂 – and the outfit really comes together with those fabulous shoes! 🙂 Hope she had a great graduation day and dance! (and say hi to Sarah from Anna from DK. I’m sure she’ll be just as beautiful when it’s her turn to graduate!) 🙂 All the best!

  2. Your daughter looks beautiful in that dress, Very sophisticated and modern. So do you and your daughter wear the same shoe size so you can “share” gorgeous shoes?

  3. She is very sophisticated for a grade 8 grad! Really gorgeous – after volunteering at my son’s school grad this past week I have to say that fashionwise, she’s way ahead of the other girls!

  4. What a glorious coloured dress on a beautiful 8th grade graduate! And those shoes! And being able to walkl gracefully in them! So much style and taste! I was such a dag at that age! (not helped by the fact that it was the mid 70s – a time that fashion forgot??) ;-P

  5. Your daughter is so beautiful. I am sure she stood out at graduation. The shoes and that dress are a killer combination.

  6. I love these posts you’ve been doing about your daughter. Your pride and love are palpable and I’m sure a little bit of her smile is because she knows it. Great shoes! She looks so fresh and modern. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh you have stunning kiddos (can we call them that when they are so ‘nearly’ grownup?) – must be those excellent genes. And she has very very good taste in shoes, which go beautifully with the lovely dress.

  8. Your daughter is just lovely!…. and so is her pretty dress. My daughters have been walking in those heels for years and I’m just thankful platforms were the shoe of choice when I was that age 🙂 Best wishes your cutie for a successful high school experience!

  9. Ooh, they are nice shoes! I can only dream of being able to walk in 4″ heals.
    The dress is simple but eye catching due to the fabric print and the low back.

  10. Your daughter is so beautiful she would have look great in anything! Oh! The shoes! Love them!
    The “blouson” look pretty, the fabric you chose is great!


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