Burda Wrap Top

B 03-2012-121 a

It’s been hot hot hot here lately, so I’ve not been doing so much sewing lately, although the heat has driven all of us into the basement where it’s tolerably cool and comfortable. And although I’ve been sewing for other people lately, this is the first little thing I’ve sewn for myself in the last 10 days.  Is it really only 10 days?  It seem like longer than that since my last post.

IMG_3483I used a silk jersey for this wrap top. It’s sorta kinda based on Burda’s wrap top 3-2012-121 but I wanted a top that didn’t require a tank underneath or a substantial FBA for proper coverage, so I stole the bodice pattern from Vogue 8379 because B 03-2012-121 drawingI know it fits without any major adjustments.  I shortened the bodice by about 4 inches and add the long ties to the bottom of the bodice.  They’re 57 inches long and 8 inches wide.  I did not finish the edges, and am debating about doing so.  There’s a big part of me that’s screaming “It’s not finished yet!”, and I may succumb and hem the ties properly.  I used a long strip of self-fabric cut on the cross grain as a narrow facing for the neckline instead of the facing suggested by either Vogue or Burda.  Both had facings at least 1.5 inches wide for the front.  Why?  A simple strip of fabric works so much better for knits.

I debated for a long time about whether to make a tunic or this top from the jersey, and I’m glad I went with this.  I like the idea of tunics, but I think I’d reach for this more often.  It’s cool in the heat of summer and I love the print!B 03-2012-121 back wrap


23 thoughts on “Burda Wrap Top

  1. Hi, I agree with you totally regarding the use of a bias strip – it is so much easier and more professional that utilizing a facing piece.

  2. What a great idea! Such a flattering top. I love silk jersey and need to try it more often. It behaves so well. I so remember trying to find the one cool spot to sleep and just be in when I lived in the midwest and we’d have major heat waves. I know it feels so languishing.

  3. This is perfect – very flattering shape and I love the colours. Would you consider a serged rolled hem the edges rather than turn over hem? Not sure how that would look on the silk but it works a treat on merino and is so darn quick that you wouldn’t be long in the warm warm sewing space…

    1. I’ve only ever been happy with a serged rolled hem once or twice. I’m seriously thinking I’m just going to leave these ties unfinished. I’ve worn it twice already and the unfinished edges seem to be fine!

  4. This top suits you in so many ways! Flattering style and colours and gorgeous fabric! Did you find silk jersey in Toronto? — BTW are you interested in a PR meetup in October during the Creativ Festival? I’m trying to organize something. Love to meet you – Sue

    1. Actually, this fabric was purchased through EmmaOneSock’s site – she has great pieces and her shipping charges to Canada are excellent. I have found silk jersey in Toronto, but compared to buying from the US and paying the shipping charges, it’s really super expensive here. I would LOVE to meet up! Let’s email!

    1. This is actually my first foray into sewing with silk knit. It was easy to sew. I loved how it behaved properly and didn’t slide, roll or slip out of place!

  5. I love the style. The pattern and fabric are very flattering to you. Great job!!! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Ooh, pretty fabric! I think wrap style tops really suit you. This is very flattering. Hang in there with the heat- it’s bound to break eventually!

  7. As a lover of wrap dresses and tops, I give this one a big thumbs up! Aren’t you smart to use the top of that dress pattern?! I’ve sewn that pattern and it is one of the few wraps that gives me the coverage I like. Great fabric too!


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