Wedding Dresses


My DH’s 2nd cousin is getting married at our local castle in August this year, and as DH’s family is Portuguese, you know the family wedding-of-the-year is a big family party.  And party dresses are required.  Preferably new.  So I’m sewing party dresses for DD2, DD3 and hopefully – time permitting – myself.


DD1 is planning on giving her grad dress another airing with the shoes.  A sneak peek of the girls’ dresses, which are finished and waiting, will have to suffice until they’re worn with proper primping and nice pictures are taken.  The fuchsia dress is for DD2; the yellow for DD3. I’ve also been commissioned to make a red dry-clean-only party dress for Niece #2.  I imaged something in silk taffeta or duppion, but couldn’t find the right shade for the right price anywhere until I hit my local thrift shop.thrifted red silk I didn’t take any pictures of its interior.  It’s a custom garment, made locally – the label had the phone number of the seamstress!  It was very well made: completely lined and finished beautifully, and there’s enough fabric to make the princess-skirted halter-top party dress Niece #2 desires!  And speaking of dresses for weddings, please click on over to Toferet’s Empty Bobbin and see Molly’s gorgeous silk wedding gown!


5 thoughts on “Wedding Dresses

  1. Oh my! Four party dresses in a month! you are my hero! Looking forward … I’m intrigued … what I see in this post is fascinating!

  2. Wow! Four party dresses by August? Did I read that right? And that taffeta is a gorgeous colour, it looks almost dark burnt orange. Fingers crossed the the temperatures at your place cool a little so you can sew without melting!

    1. Well, hopefully four dresses! Mine will take last place to be sewn if there’s time. The taffeta is a red/black shot silk that’s really nice! It’s very blood-red in person. And thanks for the cool weather wishes – it was breezy and reasonable today!


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