Purple Pattern Placement

Ok, peeps.  As much as I’d love to have a blog about perfect sewing and all that, it’s just not possible because I’m not a perfect seamstress!  This blog post is a perfect case in point.  You all know I’m challenged in pattern placement if you’ve been reading this blog for a while.  Well, here’s my latest example of just how challenged I am.B SS-2011-416Now before you all panic, I’d like to let you all know that I’ve completely taken apart the bodice.  Commiserate with me, please.  As I sat waiting for a routine medical appointment with DD#2, I unpicked and entire bodice held together by triple stitching for stretch fabrics. Sometimes waiting for h-o-u-r-s for that specialist you see once a year is a godsend when one has dreaded tasks like this to accomplish.

dark purple sleevesdark purple lapAnd here’s the two new pattern placements I’m deciding between.  What do you think?  I’ve also changed the skirt pattern around.  I’m sorry for the crappy draping on the right, but I was wanting an idea of colour when I took these and didn’t really care much about perfect draping.

What do you think?  Maybe it should just be shortened?  This is really difficult for me!  Maybe I should stick to solid colours or tiny prints.  Or buy double the yardage when I’m working with a patterned fabric!!

Input and opinions, please please! I would like this dress to work and not be relegated to the magic closet for three years and then to the thrift shop after the pain of fabric cost has worn off.

27 thoughts on “Purple Pattern Placement

  1. Oh goodness, I really feel for you, I do. That print is gorgeous, so of course you don’t want to lop it off… but at the same time, you probably want to do more than stand around on a pedestal to avoid tripping…

    1. Well, it’s a very bad pose, but I wore it that entire day and didn’t trip on it at all, probably because it’s just barely wider than my hips, so there’s not a lot of fabric flowing around my ankles…

  2. I don’t know if I’m too late but if I had to choose one, I would choose the one on the right (more purple than white) but honestly none of the choices are doing anything for me. The top seems like it needs to be quieter if the skirt is carrying all of the ummph!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous fabric! I think whatever you make using this lovely print will be wonderful, but I do love the one on the left. The extra white present in the print placement picks up on the white in the skirt section.

  4. I know it’s a long border print but I would have loved to see the skirt a shorter length, like a bit above knee length… I think it would give the whole look a bit more balance, and would suit you well 🙂

    That said, if you opt to keep it long, any of these bodices would do, but perhaps have you considered a sleeveless option, like with a thin strap? That would really draw attention to the amazing border print, and I think bring the same kind of balance as making the skirt shorter 🙂

    1. I *have* thought about making it sleeveless. I’m still toying with that idea. But I do get tired of my upper arms (although I’m too lazy to actually do anything about it)!

  5. I like the look on the left, although the solid purple isn’t bad. The skirt does look a tad long in the first photos (unless you’re going to wear it with heels all the time), but I wouldn’t take off much—an inch tops?

  6. I like all three versions. I am assuming you are going to keep the sleeves as they are from the first dress. In that case, the left one with the solid purple is really balanced with the purple band on the bottom. I guess it depends what you are going for. Where do you want the eye to go? That’s the biggest thing to worry about. I can tell you how my big bold floral maxi ended up with a bloom on my boob that was…interesting! But it attracted all the attention way from my trouble zones =D I had to really think about if I was going to redo it, where the eye would go next. I ended up just shifting the flower off dead center of my boob and keeping the eyes up.

      1. lol. Okay with that in mind, the left seems the most streamlined. I think the purple would also accent the ladies and might even accentuate the hips more with the lightest area being there. Good luck with your lovely print!

    1. Thanks, Anne! I did actually wear it for a day – super comfy dress – but after taking pics to blog about it almost choked on the bodice emphasis result of the light colour placement!

  7. Of the two I like the left hand one but also liked the original one too! Sorry, but I can’t help it ;o What didn’t work? Was it as SewingElle suggested. Oh and the length is lovely and luxurious, if you have heels high enough to be able to swish about.

    BTW its gorgeous fabric and don’t you dare go for single colour / pattern free materials. I love what you do with prints.

    1. You are one encouraging girl! Thanks you! I truly agonize over print placements, but lack the mathematical skills to reduce it to a bunch of formlae. It IS because of the lightness across the bodice – I don’t need anymore attention for that part – that I took it all apart.

  8. I like the one of the left because it gives continuity and the one on the right accentuates the bust too much, rather like two large eggplants, so I would go with the left.

    1. Well, the left one, honestly. DH agreed with me, too, but sometimes you just need more than one opinion! Preferably from like-addicted enthusiasts!

  9. I actually like the photo on the right.To me, the solid purple in the top balances the purple border. And brings attention to your face. Tthe left hand photo had so much pattern going on all over the dress.

  10. I’m not really seeing the issue either. Is it that the almost solid light colour over your bust emphasizes your bust? Anyhow, too late for that comment!

    I like both your new placements better than the unpicked one, and the one on the left would be my preference.

    Gorgeous fabric and pattern! And colour too.

  11. After all your unpicking I am sure you don’t want to hear this but….. I’m not seeing the problem with the first photo either. I love this print. I vote for the bodice on the left.

  12. I like the one on the left. But then, I am not sure what is wrong in the first picture. It’s a little late here in London, lol!

      1. Sigh… It’s the lightness across the bust – I’m busty, and I just felt that this particular arrangement emphasized that!


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