Vogue-Butterick Franken-dress


I love this dress.  It wasn’t my idea, and I wasn’t quite sure it would work, but I love this dress!  The skirt is Vogue 8711.  The bodice is Butterick 5674, and the sleeves (cut on the bias) and skirt back are Vogue 8413.DSCN0593

The fabric is a polyester woven, and I really was concerned it wouldn’t work with the Butterick or the V8711 because both patterns call for knits.  Two-way stretch knits, no less.  Now, in my experience with Vogue knit patterns, I can always go down a size or two to get the desired look because they’re drafted on the big side.  So for this dress I cut the actual dress size and it had the perfect amount of ease to accommodate the woven fabric.

button detail

There’s a little bit of button detail on the left skirt yoke.  Don’t you just love the cuffs on the 3/4 length sleeves?  The bias sits so nicely and is super comfortable to wear.  It’s like wearing jersey.bias sleeves

The back has a CB zip and is rather staid.  All the drama is in the front of the dress.  There is a LOT of fabric in the bodice.  The shoulders are about 5 inches wide, and there is double that amount of fabric pleated into each one.  It’s like a cowl on steroids but cut as two pieces and the left bodice only extends as far as the midriff and is sewn into the lining.  Here’s a shot of the interior.DSCN0599

And you can see how the left bodice is sewn into the lining below.  Then the right bodice is cut as one piece, draping from the shoulder waist, extending to the left side and overlapping the lining midriff to create the illusion of a one-piece cowl neckline.DSCN0600

This was a happy project, which was a refreshing change after the last couple of growing experiences.  It was like eating the ice-cream after being required to finish ones veggies.  The request projects are now done, so I’ll be able to get back to sewing for myself.  There was frost on the roofs this morning, and, as usual, I have been caught sewing off-season clothes.  I need a few things, but I intend to SWAP for the first time in my life.  Steph’s posts on wardrobe and colour planning have been hugely encouraging and informative to a chronic impulse sewer like myself.  I’ve decided this is going to change for Fall 2012.  Now I’m off to look through my stash and come up with a plan!  Wish me luck!


14 thoughts on “Vogue-Butterick Franken-dress

  1. Wow! This is actually a dress that looks like a million dollars! The finishes and all that work to make it a dress high fashion, I’m impressed, love those sleeves!

  2. Wow! Great looking dress. I love how you took three patterns and turned those into this lovely dress. Great job. Love the color of the fabric as well, buttons are a nice touch and an idea I will have to “borrow”.

  3. I don’t often comment, I admit to being more of a lurker, but this dress is fabulous! I really admire those with enough imagination to combine patterns — something I’d like to do which is why I’m so reluctant to throw out old patterns. You obviously put a lot of detail work into this and it came out great, so professional looking.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words! This was such a “reward” project because the patterns were simple to follow and meshed easily. I’m pleased with the outcome!


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