Finishing UFO’s

I’ve decided that I need to get four UFO’s off my sewing table before I tackle my autumn sewing plan.  Here’s two of them:  a blue linen skirt from Vogue 1247 again and a Koos striped knit top (Vogue 2971).  It’s reeeeeeeeeally wide necked – I probably should have gone down one size, but it’s wearable in every other sense of the word, so I’ll just put strap keepers into the shoulders.  It’s an interesting top with long triangular ties cut on to the bodice.  There is one 4 inch seam at the waist level at CF.  This is what it looks like untied.

The ties get crossed at the front and tied in the back.  I think it looks way better on the long-waisted model, frankly, but its unusual, which is a win in my books.  And there’s a lot of colour in these stripes, which can coordinate with a lot of clothing in my wardrobe.  Here’s what it looks like from my point of view.

The skirt is a 2 inches shorter than my previous version for argument’s sake.  I think I like the slightly longer version on me.  *shrug*

I underlined the linen with silk organza.  I want to see what wears better under linen:  cotton voile or the silk, as my previous version was underlined with voile.  I think my favourite part of the skirt is the inside.  On every other version I’ve seen, the binding really makes the project fun.  It’s interesting to see what others choose for the bindings.  I just used a cotton voile from my remnant bin.

Two down, two to go.  Hopefully I’ll have all the UFO’s off my table this weekend so I can start SWAPing next week.  And I wish all my Canadian friends a Happy Thanksgiving!


6 thoughts on “Finishing UFO’s

  1. I’m totally on the same page in trying to finish my UFO (I only have one though LOL) but I worked mine into my SWAP! hehe

    So which do you prefer for the lining? The voile or the organza? It looks great, btw! 🙂

    1. Y’know, I think I prefer the organza. But the final test will be the cold-hand-wash-hand-to-dry process. I agree that the organza lends a crisper hand to the linen, and it does feel nice to wear.

  2. The bias binding in that skirt is very fun. How do you feel about the organza v. voile now that you have a skirt lined in each? My vote is for organza… I love how it make everything so crisp yet smooth.

  3. It’s a nice feeling to “clear the decks” and get all the stuff that has been hanging around out of the way. Two down two to go- well done!


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