Pegged Skirt: Burda 01-2011-103


B 2-2011-103 detail

I thought I’d open this post with a picture of the details of this skirt from Burda’s February Burda 02-2011-1032011 issue.  I’ve been sitting in it all morning, so it’s a bit creased, but you can still see all the detailing.  This is one more of my UFOs completed – 3 down, 1 to go!  I’ve had the skirt cut and waiting since probably July, and am just getting to it now.  It’s actually a perfect transitional skirt, which is great timing.  It’s made of a really nice beefier stretch satin cotton from EmmaOneSock and lined in stretch mesh from an old dance costume of DD1’s.  I faced the waist with cotton voile since there was barely enough fabric for the skirt.interior

The instructions for this skirt were straight-forward.  I had no questions reading through them.  No “huh?” moments, which is nice in a BurdaStyle pattern!  B 2-2011-103 silly

I’m running out of ideas for pictures, so I thought I’d goof around on this stone in my back yard.  My driveway is a mess – it was dug up and the basement walls waterproofed this weekend, and all the stuff that usually sits in my driveway – including piles of pavement  and clay –  is taking up every other space in my back yard.  So you get pictures of my balancing skills today.

B 2-2011-103 pegged

I love the back of this skirt.  It’s interesting and hugs my shape well.  The waistband sits at my natural waist and is 2.5 inch deep!  On a short-waisted girl like me, it feels almost corset-like.  Because I have a rather big waist:hip ratio, I really love garments that sit at my natural waist.  It makes me feel like I actually have a waist instead of just owning wide hips.  And I love the darts and godet in the back of this garment.  This is the point of this skirt’s design, I think.  It fits all the stuffing like a glove.

B 2-2011-103 rear

This is the kicked-out version.  This skirt has a lot of give, thanks to the fabric, and the deep godet.  It would be a ridiculously high slit without it.  I cut one size down from what Burda dictated I ought to cut, and there is about 1 inch negative ease through the hips.  It works perfectly in a stretch woven.  I’d have to go up a size if I was to make this in a non-stretch fabric.

B 2-2011-103 pleats

I didn’t have quite enough fabric for this skirt, so pieced the godet.  Turns out it wasn’t such a big deal because it stood out like a rooster’s tail before I decided on making it into an inverted pleat and stitching the folds of that pleat so it would stay in place.  In a fabric with more drape I would not do this, but I didn’t want a tail following me around.godet

I prefer this silhouette on me to the A-line Vogue 1247. It gives some meaning to my shape although I’m hiding it in my big warm sweater.  You can see how high the waistband is in the pic below.  It’s scrunched and stretched a bit due to wear, but I love it!  It’s always funny how I really l.o.v.e. high-waisted anything once I put it on.  (My camisole is my Green Ruby, btw.  I’m dreaming up more uses for that fabulous slip pattern.)IMG_4369

The cotton creases across the hips ridiculously, and I may have to take in the waistband a little, even if it is interfaced with horsehair!  It’s sliding forward and down.  I didn’t post my side pictures, because they all screamed “FIT PROBLEMS” which I can’t be bothered tweaking in a stretch woven.  If I make this up in a wool crepe I’ll fuss with it and do it all proper-like.IMG_4371

I like this skirt.  It was simple to put together, I managed to squeak it out of one yard of fabric, and the shaping/details are wonderful.  I think I’ll be wearing this a lot.


15 thoughts on “Pegged Skirt: Burda 01-2011-103

  1. Oh! I’ve been on the fence about this skirt pattern for a while. I think we’re pretty similar shaped and I thought it might exaggerate my hips. But it totally doesn’t on you. What a great skirt. I may have to bump it up the list a bit.

  2. Ooh la la….you look fabulous in that skirt! Great colour…I think inverting the godet is a great idea…on other versions it really does look a bit like a shark fin…

  3. I didn´t give this skirt a second thought but now after seeing how good it looks on you, I want one!
    You look grrreat!

  4. Vavavoom! This skirt looks amazing, especially from the back. It’s super flattering. I can hardly believe that you eeked it all out of one yard.


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