Maintenance Helpers

tiny vacuum attachments

I thought I’d post quickly to answer some of the comments and questions left on my maintenance post. When I bought my new sewing machine a couple of years ago, dear Joe, the shop owner, included a package of vacuum attachments so I could clean the machine betwixt servicings.  I must say, the first time I used this to clean all the fabric fluff and lint from my machine was quite the revelation.  These little attachments work like a charm cleaning out all the teeniest crevices in my machines in the most efficient way.  It’s quite fun watching the lint disappear!  I had often seen kits like this hanging in sewing machine shops, but walked right past them without a second glance.  I couldn’t bother buying one, and now that I have one, cannot understand why I didn’t purchase one years ago.  It probably would have made for happier sewing machines in my house.

Anyhow, for those of you who’ve never seen such itty-bitty vacuum attachments, here’s a couple of links for online sources should your local store not carry anything quite like this!

Nancy’s Notions

And I saw several for offer on Ebay, too.  Happy sewing machine cleaning, everyone!

2 thoughts on “Maintenance Helpers

  1. Brilliant! I vacuumed my serger out the other day using my household vacuum nozzels and it just wouldn’t do. Thank you for the links and details :o) from the bottom of my SMs hearts.


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