The New Vogues Are Here

I’ve been stalking the Vogue website for a couple of days.  I thought, “It’s close to November, they’re having a big pattern sale…. Must be time for the new ones to arrive!” 

There’s a cocoon jacket to keep you warm.


And I love this bias jacket from Claire Schaeffer with raglans sleeves.


This is a b.i.g. peplum.


And fedoras!


I need this skirt for my frosting collection.


12 thoughts on “The New Vogues Are Here

  1. I love the Marcy Tilton skirt – SO unexpected and dramatic for her. I’m really kind of torn on the peplum jacket. It IS a lot of jacket.

  2. Wow, that last one is a surprise… I wouldn’t have ever guessed that’s a Marcy Tilton design! Think of all the fun you will have wearing that!


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