SWAP FO 1: Burda 08-2012-112

Burda 08-2012-112 1

I’ve been hunkering down in the sewing corner working on a few things, although not all have been related to the SWAP project.  This skirt has been finished for a while, but today was the first day I wore it, and so this post has waited until now.  I think I’d originally planned this pattern for the wine wool in the SWAP program but after cutting trousers from this pea-soup green fabric (lovely!), I realized that I had enough for this little number, and I wanted to try it out.  Here’s my exaggerated modelling-a-skirt pose.

Burda 08-2012-112 3

And the requisite back view. It’s basically a pencil silhouette with a godet inserted to the left front side of the skirt.

Burda 08-2012-112 back

Years ago as I was perusing the first edition of Claire Schaeffer’s Couture Sewing Techniques I was intrigued by a photo of a Balenciaga jacket that had cut-on facings which were eased and shrunk around the curved bottom edge. So I thought I’d give the technique a try on the godet because there’s a lot of ease needing to happen with the 2-inch hem allowance.  Here’s a photo of the godet after the first round of steaming, easing and shrinking.

Burda 08-2012-112 godet shrinkage

I was hoping to get zero wrinkles and gathers on the hem allowance of the little baby, but this is the best my limited patience would do.  Not too bad.  I did not underline the godet.  This may have been a mistake, but we’ll see how it wears over the next few years. I put the godet into the skirt completely finished, including the lining/stay, prior to adding the lining to the rest of the skirt.  This meant the hem allowance on the skirt was actually turned up and over the seam allowance of the completely finished godet.  It’s fell-stitched into place.

godet insertion

This is the interior of the front.  The godet lining is more of a stay:  it’s not as deep or wide as the godet itself.  Burda suggested only the godet be lined, but I wanted a completely lined skirt.  You can see from the picture below that the lining has been fell stitched to the godet seams, as mentioned previously.


I want this skirt to last a while, and so I underlined it completely (excluding the godet) with silk organza.  And I prettified the hem with acrylic lace from Mokuba.


This is how I wore it today.  I’m wearing my Vogue 1324 blouse, another SWAP item which I’ll post about later.

Burda 08-2012-112 4Burda 08-2012-112 5


15 thoughts on “SWAP FO 1: Burda 08-2012-112

  1. Gorgeous colours. The skirt is so beautifully made – the godet hem is great! I learned the hard way that it’s a good idea to hem the godet before inserting. All this SWAP talk has got me thinking..thinking…

  2. I am starting to realize how much I like godets. You get the freedom of movement but a slim look of the skirt AND you don’t have to worry about the slit showing more leg than you want. Win, win, win.
    Those are definitely your colours, they really suit you well.

  3. I love this color combo on you! The skirt is an interesting take on a regular pencil skirt…and I’m glad to see that you’ve started sewing & wearing your SWAP items!

  4. Beautiful! Your attention to detail is just lovely, and that colour and style really go well together – it looks fabulous on you! 🙂

    I too have a SWAP item I haven’t blogged yet simply cause it hasn’t been worn LOL, so I’m behind on my blogging even though my sewing is going pretty well! ^__^


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