Marfy 1401: Lab Coat?

Well, given that it’s made of baby blue old sheets, it does look like a lab coat.

I need to shorten the back waist by 2 inches – my usual adjustment.  This is not the first Marfy pattern I’ve muslined (although the first one has lost all it’s appeal and languishes in a cut-out state – probably due to the fabric choice), and if these two experiences are any indication, I really like how Marfy drafts their shoulders.

The front is pulling forward, which means I have two options with this coat:  shorten the back, or lengthen the front (do only the length adjustment of an FBA) to bring the side seams back to vertical position.

It’s too long.  I didn’t muslin with hem allowances, so this is the prescribed length – about 4 inches below my knees.  Disproportionate on me, so I’ll shorten it to my knees to begin with, with the possibility of going shorter.  Who knows?  I’ll wait and see.  And what about those patch pockets?  I really like pockets in my coats, but I’m really not a fan of patch pockets.

I have no shoulder pads in the muslin, but the shoulders are fitting well as drafted and muslined in this flimsy old poly/cotton sheeting, so I won’t change anything.  The wool will shape and steam perfectly, I’m sure.This gives you an idea of the collar, which is deep enough to come half-way over my head like a hood, so it’ll be nice in cold blustery weather, due here this weekend.  I’d really like to to be bigger, so I may play around with it a bit.

I like the idea of this coat, but it’s not going to work with my SWAP Harris tweed which I think would make up better in something much more tailored, so I may make this one up for fun from a thrifted wool plaid – all of $7.99 worth of it.

10 thoughts on “Marfy 1401: Lab Coat?

  1. I’ve always wanted to try a Marfy pattern. You seem like you have a good handle on the changes you want to make. Can’t wait to follow your progress!

  2. Maybe side seam pockets would work well in the plaid and they could be as deep as you want with no matching. They could even have a “stay” running from the front edge of the pocket to the front edge of the facing of the coat to stabilize their weight and not just hang down all sloppy inside. So glad you have a good imagination for turning sheets into a wonderful coat! Looking forward to seeing it evolve into something cool!

  3. Oh I like the look of this and can imagine it in the plaid fabric too. The patch pockets though. Hmmm, I’m with you on these pockets – mum puts them on everything because they’re simple but I don’t really like them. They’re rather straight – would they work on an angle so they don’t pull when you have your hands in them? Maybe? Also, the plaid will help soften the pocket lines too I think.

  4. Awesome! I´m making a muslin here… with sheets too…for a coat!
    Must be true, great minds think alike! ;D
    Yours is looking great. And NOT like a lab coat at all!


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