Small Things

I have a couple of confessions to make.  The first is that I have not been doing any sewing.  At first I chalked it up to post-vacation doldrums and the psychological adjustments that usually accompany the return to reality.  Anyways, I’ve done a tonne of thinking and tracing and mental sewing, but not much real sewing.

I embellished the neckline of the swimsuit coverup.

shell necklineAnd started working on a small stumpwork box.  I’m new to stumpwork, but have always been intrigued by it.  Here’s a fern leaf and a bluebell – fishbone and straight stitch.  I’ll be working on bigger bluebell petals with wire bluebell

16 thoughts on “Small Things

  1. Your embroidery is beautiful! (And so is your close-up photography, btw) But, all modesty aside, mental sewing is a specialty of mine actually. Yep. And lately I’ve been perfecting my mental blogging too, sigh… 🙂

  2. There’s something soothing about sitting and hand stitching after a holiday, I think. Mental work can be done as fingers nimbly (or in my case not so much) do their thing.

    I love the bead work and embroidery. Gorgeous. And give yourself a break. You don’t have sew every second you have available you know!

  3. The important thing is that you’re still creating! Sometimes I need a change of pace too, which is why it’s great to have multiple pursuits 🙂 I love your handwork – I’ve always wanted to try beading and embroidery, as the meticulousness appeals to me ^_^

  4. I sympathise, We had a long weekend here in Aussie and the weather was awful so temperature was down. I fully intended to sew all weekend but post holiday inertia set in. I did repair the filing cabinet containing patterns, finished a dress alteration and then decided to organise the stash. Ended up hauling out all the natural fibre pieces and overlocking the edges, then washing and drying them, then adding into my FabricStash app and put back into bins grouped by fabric, numbered the bins etc. Wasted the whole day faffing around, sigh. Had such good intentions of knocking up a couple Vogue 1250’s 😦

  5. I get frustrated by lack of finished garments. I have to remind myself that the thinking and tracing and deciding is all sewing. Oh, and ironing. Pesky ironing. Beautiful embroidery and I think the embellishments on your swimsuit cover look like tasty candies. love it.

  6. I like your phrase “mental sewing” I do a lot of that too- what to sew next, browsing patterns, what ufo to work on and actually finish and so on. Echoing serahinalina comment: what is stumpwork?

  7. We all have those times when our sewing mojo is down, but it always comes back. I am curious about ‘stumpwork’ – I’ve never heard this term. Your stitches are pretty!

    1. Stumpwork is raised work or 3-dimensional embroidery where little items are made of thread, wire, stuffing, etc., and then incorporated into the embroidery design. It’s very interesting work, and I’ve always wanted to try it!


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