Better late than never: The Reptile Arrives

Burda 09-2012-114 belted

I really wanted to participate in the jungle that was January.  I had a jungle Tiramisu in the mental planning stages to be done prior to my vacation, but it just never happened because, well, life happens regularly with three children at home during holidays.  I’m not whining, I’m just stating a fact that all moms understand:  Plans change, interruptions happen constantly, and, well, projects don’t materialize!

Burda 09-2012-114 front

But I am pleased to say, that despite the horrid cold (and y’all know reptiles go comatose in the cold) that I’ve managed to wake this one up and convince it to be sewn and photographed.  Hooray!!! I finished it last night.  I hate being late, but in this case, I’m happy with the very annoying adage that’s titling this post.  ‘Cuz I really like this loose trenchy take on a silk chiffon blouse from Burda 9/2010 #114.  I wasn’t sure this would work – the trench style as a chiffon blouse – and thought I’d experiment.  Then, of course, I realized that it just had to work.B 09-2010-114 I used shell buttons, and you can see the cuff tabs with working buttonholes.

tabs that button

There is virtually no shape to this blouse, but it floats about beautifully while being worn.  The back is very loose-fitting with a deep 8 inch pleat.

Burda 09-2012-114 back

I did my standard FBA and left it at that.  I debated about making it a bit more fitted, but it’s nice to have a different silhouette in my closet.

Burda 09-2012-114 2

And the sleeves gave me grief – Burda’s ALWAYS give me grief.  Vogue’s shoulders fit me perfectly, but Burda’s require a bit of alteration.  I always have to re-draft the armscye, adding 1 inch (2.5 cm) of width at the shoulder blades, and taking out the same amount on the front.  It’s like Burda’s sleeves are drafted for narrow backs and very broad pectorals.  In my mind, I think they have the shape of the armscye and sleeve head reversed:  the width that should be in the back is in the front in their set-in sleeves.

Burda 09-2012-114

Yes, that’s construction – my kitchen is about to be renovated, and DD1’s graffiti art is the only thing left on the art wall!  Anyways, after futzing with that fitting problem (because I didn’t do a toile, of course!!! *handforehead*) it’s done and ready to wear!

belted (2)

15 thoughts on “Better late than never: The Reptile Arrives

  1. The way that you worked with the uneven vertical fabric design if fantastic! The pleat in the back looks great.
    A woman who can sew chiffon AND live through a kitchen remodel is a real trooper!

  2. Sounds like you had a similar decision process as I did making the Anise; it’s a similarly fitting jacket (even though yours is a top LOL), and while I thought about making it more fitted I decided to keep it more of a ‘swing’ silhouette, to keep it true to its original design. It’s a tough balance when you’re busty, isn’t it? LOL I like the look on you and like how the pattern of the fabric accentuates the pleat in the back. Glad you were able to get jungly after all! ^__^

  3. I like it best in the final picture with the belt! I hope your cold leaves you double quick and the renovation goes well. Please share pictures of the new kitchen with us!


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