Rusty Warmth

B 9-2012-130 3

This was the first post-vacation project that I managed to complete last month.  It was simple, the colour was inspirational and I wanted a sweater.  It turned out better that I thought it would, but not as nice as I hoped it would.  It’s a simple cowl-necked sweater pattern from Burda 9/2012 #130.  It’s been popping up all over sewing land because it’s only 3 pieces, very simple to make and interesting with the elastic ruching in the extra-long sleeves (an extra 8 inches long on my standard-length-no-alterations-required arms) and up the left side seam. B 09-2012-130 I extended the elastic up to 2 inches below the armscye to get the proportion right on my short-waisted torso.

B 9-2012-130 5

It was well above freezing when these photos were taken, but still in the “need a coat zone”.  OK.  So I like the simplicity of construction, the cowl and the asymmetrical hemline, but what don’t I like about it?  Well, I cut a size down and did no alterations at all – no FBA or short waist adjustments – and it fits except for the almost 8 inches of width through the waistline.  But I’m leaving the fit as relaxed as it is because I don’t have a relaxed fit sweater like this in my wardrobe and I’m feeling like trying new things this 2013.

B 9-2012-130 6

I love the colour and the idea of the sweater.  It’s super comfy and easy to wear and the sleeves don’t get in the way, despite their extreme length. You can get an idea of just how sheer the material is from this shot.  A camisole or tank is required.

B 9-2012-130 back

My happy dance:  it was quick and simple to sew and it’s surprisingly warm for such a sheer knit.  This was enough of a good thing to get me to cut and sew other projects, which you’ll see soon!

B 9-2012-130 happy

17 thoughts on “Rusty Warmth

  1. Oh, dear friend! This sweater looks so comfortable and easy to wear .. I’m sure it will have much wear soon. Love your dance, you look happy and relaxed.

  2. The asymmetric hemline make it that bit different – interested to see how you worked the higher ruching…I agree it looks good extended up the bodice. You’re doing very well with your ‘try new things’ goal!

  3. Nice. You should totally rock this with work pants (slacks? is that what they’re called?) It might drape better (I’ve found some knit tend to snag on denim) and something dark (or black) will accentuate the gathering and the asymmetric hem.


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