Well, I haven’t felt much like sewing these days, so I’ve been fabric shopping, and thought maybe you’d like to see some of the new treasures that came to live in my imaginary all-sewn-up-and-ready-to-wear world. First up, a remnant of cotton stretch twill.  There’s just enough to get a shift out of it, and this will be my first spring garment.  Can’t wait!

cotton stretch twill

Then there’s a collection of knits, most of which will be either a series of Tiramisus or Vogue  8379, which is the DVF style wrap dress that’s been so popular for years.

goldchevron knitknitpolka dotspurple graphic knitAnd more coatings, because, well, I don’t have enough.

brushed woolpurple

And some beautiful silks for who knows what project.  The first is a silk taffeta with a blurry print from Oscar de la Renta, I believe.  The second is a Milly silk twill – so pretty!blurry silk tafetta




And a lovely silk/wool blend for trousers.  I have always for as long as I remember, wanted trousers in a houndstooth pattern.  Can’t wait to add these to my closet!silk woolAnd a small selection of completely unnecessary prettiness.  The first is a black wool boucle with a lot of gold lurex.  The second is a lovely piece of sequined silk crepe.  The sequins are 1cm in diameter.  I’ve plans, but I don’t know where or when to wear these lovely examples of frosting!lurex closeup


And wool doubleknit for something Ralph Rucci via Vogue Patterns in a lovely red. red wool doubleknitAnd last, but not least, a piece of Missoni knit that will be a spring/summer tunic.  It’s draped over the stretch denim that belongs with my SWAP 2012 program.  It’ll make a nice outfit.missoniTell, me, do you like to avoid sewing by fabric shopping, too?


21 thoughts on “Binge!

  1. I’ve become quite the fabric horder! I can’t go near a fabric shop (either online or in person) without slipping a little something into my shopping cart!

    I love all the fabric you’ve picked up – it’s all so beautiful!

  2. OMG, what fantastic treasures! I’ve been avoiding sewing by shopping for fabric for 15 years! LOL… I too would have chosen that cotton twill first, what a beautiful print. You’re gonna look great in it!

  3. There is nothing better than fabric porn! I like to procrastinate by looking at other peoples fabrics while I wait for the fabricmart box to be delivered!

  4. Wow, what a fabulous array of fabrics! So jealous. The Missoni kint is gorgeous. I love to shop for fabric, often more than sewing! But, have to keep my budget in mind, so that really helps me to get sewing. I’m having a giveaway on my blog to celebrate the first day of spring if you would lf you are interested.

  5. I am so happy to know that I am not the only one that makes up ready to wear clothes with the fabric I have bought! Can’t wait to see some of your ideas come to life! Happy sewing (when your ready of course!) ~ Kerrielee

  6. Oh you have purchased such loveliness! I really enjoy buying fabric- maybe even more than sewing because so many beautiful ideas come when fabric shopping! There are just too many “dreams” though! I look at it this way- if ever there was another depression, we sewists with stash will still be very well dressed! 😀 ~Laurie

    1. hehehe… Now that is a great thought! What a fantastic way to justify the additions to stash to any complainers that may live with me!!1 🙂

  7. All of your fabrics are so pretty, It makes me want to get busy sewing or shopping, maybe both. I have also want some houndtooth pants for a long time.

  8. Wow! the fabrics are beautiful. I am so envious, I am still on my fabric fast and can only dream of fabric shopping. But I have promised myself that once I am able to see the back of my fabric closet (which means – I hope- that I have sewn up all that yardage) then I, too, get to go fabric shopping..

    1. Well, most of the silks and knits and pieces of frosting were purchased at – my absolute favourite for online treasures. Everything else was purchased at L.A. Fabrics in the Fashion District here in Toronto. Their selection is wonderful!

      1. Oh! I didn’t know you were based in Toronto. I’m in GTA as well. I need to check out the L.A.Fabrics sometime; They seem to have gorgeous stuff.

        Maybe when I am ready to take my sewing to next level (after I make enough space in my stash cupboard), I will do an order from EmmaOnesock to check put her fabrics.

  9. I totally avoid sewing by shopping. I was just thinking about shopping for fabric all because I don’t feel like sewing. It took me ages to finish a hem and I’ve got a pair of twill trousers cut and ready to stitch….but I just can’t bring myself to do it.

    You bought some lovely pieces. I love the frosting, of course. And the knits for wrap dresses/Tiras are lovely. All such great purchases.

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