Op Art Tee

Burda 02-2013-126This the second of three tops that I’m working on right now.  The third is in the toile stage because it must fit perfectly.  When you see the fabric, you’ll understand why!  Anyways, this lovely little tee with gathered raglan sleeves from Burda’s February issue – 02/2013 #126 – has been popping up all over the internet these days, and I know why!  It’s the perfectly fun take on the basic tee.

Burda 02-2013-126I cut a size down from my usual size – typical for knits, but I could have gone another size down through the shoulders and bust.  It’s a little loose, but it’s not going to fall off my shoulders or be guilty of any wardrobe malfunctions.  And it’s very very long.  I trimmed a good 5 inches from the bottom of this top and my bottom hem is 1.5 inches deep.  And there’s still enough length to pool at my waist during wear!

neck bindingThe only change I made was to not follow Burda’s directions for binding the neckline.  My experience with bound necklines in a knit is not fraught with pretty successes, so I thought I’d just do the standard neckline edging with a strip of self-fabric on the cross grain.  And I cut my length about 2 inches shorter than Burda suggested.  It’s good, but it could be a snugger fit around.

Burda 2-2013-126My conclusions on this one:  a great little tee pattern.  You can’t really see the gathers on the sleeves, but I like the shape of it and would highly recommend it anyone!


17 thoughts on “Op Art Tee

  1. I really am going to have to make this, even if the warm weather has fled this side of the world. It’d be a good layering one anyway I think.

    I really like this. Great fabric too.

  2. I love this top, have made 3 for the daughters so far, and agree with your neckline treatment. Burda’s binding is too long, and the way they tell you to do it is just frustrating. I love your fabric, works perfectly with this pattern!

  3. I have this tee on my wish list. I can’t wait to make it. You look so slim in your new tee.

  4. You look great in this top! Love those subtle diagonal lines on the print. I have to try this tee at some point, indeed it is very flattering.


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