Finicky Bits

Sequin DartsThis is a bust dart from my current project.  I’ve never worked with sequin-encrusted fabric before.  It’s impossible to sew with a machine, mostly because the small seed beads are not needle-friendly.  I’ll be constructing this garment completely by hand.

13 thoughts on “Finicky Bits

  1. Hello! Wow! That looks like a lot of hard work ahead of you! My experience with sequins was brief, easier and painful, but it was just a square pannel on top of a t-shirt, your proyect looks more complicated than that, but I know it is going to be brilliant!

  2. You can sew it by machine if you lock/anchor (with a new thread by hand) the last seed bead just outside the edge of the dart before you sew or lock the last seed bead a couple spaces away from the edge and then you just have to attach them later if they show they are missing.Good luck!!!!

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