Vogue 8094 in Chocolate!

This is my third pair of capris currently in circulation from Vogue 8094, and I promise I’ll make up something new and exciting from a different pattern for my next post!  But I love chocolate brown – it’s the black in my wardrobe – and I wanted a pair of capris in this staple colour for my summer days!   Vogue 8094 brownThere is nothing new that I have to say about these except that I put a crease in the legs for something different (not being super creative like some of you, I couldn’t come up with dyeing, embroidery or applique that would have suited my rather conservative tastes) and left the zip at the CB. I think I’ve almost got the fit nailed on these, too, compared to the previous two pairs, which I shall alter to mimic the fit on these.  This is the mandatory front mug shot.  I still have to figure out how to get rid of the extra fabric across the front of the crotch. I must say it’s more horridly noticeable while standing stock straight for fitting purposes than it appears to be in the rest of my “living” pictures.  *sigh*

IMG_0581And the back mug shot.  This pair’s fit is much improved from my previous pair.  Not perfect, but we’re getting there.  I cannot believe how much adjustment to the crotch is necessary on these casual pants.  I have never had to do this much tweaking and adjusting and crying and leaving-them-alone with dress pants.Vogue 8094 backIt’s been a learning process, like all of my sewing, and I’m was rather encouraged this morning after scooping out MORE of the backside.  I’ll be scooping more on the green ones I made yesterday, too.  And the original rust-coloured ones.Vogue 8094 dark


6 thoughts on “Vogue 8094 in Chocolate!

  1. Oh I like these and am watching with interest as you alter your way through your three pairs. My skinnies have the same loose folds at the front crotch and I’m waiting for “A Book” to arrive which will hopefully help me figure out how to get rid of them.

    I especially like the brass buttons on the middle pair (I think it was the middle pair!!).

  2. I wear brown pants and shorts to death. As you say, brown is a great neutral. Your Capri’s fit great. If you want to tweak some more, taut horizontal wrinkles that pull across the seam at the front crotch area can indicate a need to flatten the curve of the front crotch seam line. The opposite of what you are doing to the back crotch curve. This is done because less prominent bone structure requires a flatter curve in the seam line at the front crotch. This is from Fitting and Pattern Alterations by Leichty, Pottberg and Rasband. Using a flexible curve to capture the shape of my crotch and comparing it to the shape of the pants pattern crotch really opened my eyes to the causes of my fitting issues


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