The Mud Maxi Skirt

Burda 3-2013-123 skirt I’ve always like long skirts. Ball skirts in particular.  I know maxi skirts and dresses have been staples of summer wear for a few years now, but not being the one to really want to jump out on a trend limb (I’d rather be odd), I’ve taken my time walking around the long-skirts-for-summer trend. But having decided to join the 2013 Burda Challenge and actually purposefully make one garment from each issue of Burda during 2013, I thought it would be fun to make up the long tiered skirt in a this embroidered mud-stained looking cotton voile.B 03-2013-123It’s pretty basic – tiers getting progressively longer, gathered into the previous tier.  The only pattern piece was the shaped yoke.  And I didn’t have an invisible zip in the right colour, so I cannibalized an old skirt that was on it’s way to the thrift shop because the silk linen grew in wonky ways over the years and the hem was very sorry to look at. It couldn’t be evened out unless I took of the trim and the lower band and evened out the skirt itself. Too much work for a skirt that I wasn’t wearing much anyways. Oh, and I took the lining from it, too, because I always like lined skirts.B 03-2013-123 liningThe lining looks super short, but it comes to about 2 inches above my knee.  Here’s the back view.  The bottom tier is 5 metres of fabric.

Burda 3-2013-123 back It’s a plain, boring old colour, but I like the “staple-ness” of it.  No statement, just an interesting twist on an every-day skirt.Burda 3-2013-123 tiers

5 thoughts on “The Mud Maxi Skirt

  1. Looks so comfy and cool! I’ve been considering a maxi dress for summer, but a tiered skirt might also be an option. Good idea to reuse bits of old clothes, I do it too. Waste not, want not, right?


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