Embroidered Sundress

Burda 04-2013-121 frontSo, as part of my Burda Challenge 2013, I’ve sewn up DD1 a pretty little sundress from the April issue.Burda 04-2013-121It’s petite-sized (17-21), which seems to work well with DD1 as she is short-waisted.  I cut a straight size, although I did change up a few things.  First, I raised the CF neckline by about 2 inches.  Actually, I started out with a 4 inch adjustment, but it was too high.  The bodice provides perfect coverage.  I was surprised, actually, because the model in the Burda issue seams to be falling out of it.  I was expecting to have to do a small FBA, but the coverage is high and wide as drafted, which is great. And instead of the recommended lace, I cut bias strips 1 cm wide and gathered them for the bodice trim.  Lace isn’t DD1’s thing, but the small ruffles are a nice touch.Burda 04-2013-121 rufflesI underlined the entire dress.  The skirt is underlined with a poly-cotton broadcloth, and the midriff and bodice to the shoulders are underlined and lined with a handkerchief linen and cotton voile. And I don’t know what happened with the pleats.  They have moved to the side considerably once I snugged up the back. Funny, but I never noticed until looking at the picture how out of place they are!  Oh, and I added bra cups at her request.

Burda 04-2013-121 back viewThe other significant change that I made to the pattern was the back.  I put in a lapped zipper instead of the invisible zip because I’ve had two invisible zips break on me recently, and I hate replacing invisible zips.  So lapped it was.  Besides, it’s a clean vintage-inspired way of putting in a zipper!  And then I added 10 rows of 1/4 inch elastic so that it would feel snug and secure when worn.Burda 04-2013-121 back detailsIt’s a little on the “very” side of snug because I cut the elastics short, and I’ll be adding a hook and eye to the top of the zip, but the looped buttons are pretty and keep everything close.  There’s not much else to say about this dress.  I really like the skirt pattern.  It’s one piece, cut on the fold of the bias (the CB seam is on the straight grain), and it drapes beautifully.  My more detailed review of this pattern is on PatternReview.Burda 04-2013-121 3So now all we need are a few of those hot humid and hazy days of summer…

10 thoughts on “Embroidered Sundress

  1. Oh, so pretty! She needs to be skipping through a field of daisies on a sunny summer day. 🙂 (Hmmm, now I really want to skip through daisies and it’s sunny here today).

  2. This is so lovely! You are so right – the Burda model seems half naked on the picture so I never considered making the dress, but the way you handled the neckline has really inspired me to try it too. It is beautiful!


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