laceA dear friend is moving back to the prairies, and her son is getting married this July so I’m making her mother-of-the-groom dress.  I’ve made an ice blue linen sheath dress from Vogue 2396 and this exquisite and unusual lace remnant is going to be an over-shirt.  Over-blouse?  The idea was to have something separate from the dress that she could wear with other ensembles when she felt like wearing lace.  She’s not a lace person, but this doesn’t really look like your stereotypical lace, does it?  Only one problem: I don’t have access to silk or knit tulle, so I’ll be winging the finishing with silk ribbon.   Isn’t this one of the most unusual laces you’ve seen?  We were shopping about a year ago and walking into one of my fave places – Leo’s Textiles – and the owner, Suzy, who knows me by first name (isn’t that a sign?) showed it to me and we snatched it up, not know what we’d use it for at the time.

Wish me luck, or give me advice about finishing the edges of this very open lace… 🙂


7 thoughts on “Lace

  1. Good Luck Chuck! This lace is beautiful. I’m interested to see how you sew with it, as I will be making myself a dress with a lace overlay late in the summer. I have never sewn with lace before. (looks scary, lol).

  2. Oh this is just so gorgeous and unusual! My first thought would be to use strips of silk organza to stabilize seams. But I am not an expert on lace by any stretch of the imagination.


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