Vogue 1247: The top this time

Rachel Comey ensembleWell, after making three of these skirts, I thought I’d try the top.  I’ll be honest:  I wasn’t really interested in this top because it’s so loose and shapeless, and I have a hard time with loose and shapeless on myself.  I think loose and shapless is flattering on figures that are less curvy than I am.  I was curious about the top, especially with the interesting seaming on the front. I really love Carolyn’s version in orange linen.  I mean, c’mon.  It’s orange and it’s linen! But what really made me want to give it a go was seeing Merche’s pretty version during MMM’13.  The stripey fabric made me start thinking about this top seriously, and I started fingering and considering and rejecting fabric specimens from my stash.   Enter a piece of silk chiffon that has been languishing since it didn’t make it into a sundress years ago.  I had originally earmarked it for DD1, but she didn’t care much for it, so I smiled broadly and set to work.

I like the silk chiffon for a couple of reasons.  It’s floaty and drapey and it works on my figure for garments that aren’t particularly shaped by providing something resembling fit to an otherwise unflattering cut through it’s skimming qualities.  And because it’s sheer, it means my curves kinda maybe get hinted at without actually having to make the garment follow them to a “T”.
Vogue 1247 top back
I read a lot of review on PR about this top, and was a little concerned about how negative they were, but after poring over each one, I came down on the side of the designer:  it’s supposed to be a very loose-fitting garment, and that’s what I both liked and disliked about it.   However, I thought I didn’t have much to loose making it out of this bit from stash.
My one stupidity in the cutting was not grading it out a size at the hips.  Well, I actually didn’t have enough fabric to do that even if I’d wanted to.  So it catches on my hips.  I cut the straight size as dictated by my chest measurement, not my bust measurement.  I did not do an FBA, although I did cut the CF higher by about 2 inches.  Once it was partially sewn up, I did have to take in the CF an inch on each side, tapering to the horizontal bust darts, in effect giving me the equivalent of an FBA without any forethought.
Vogue 1247 top sideBecause it’s sheer, I wear it with my green Ruby which goes with everything sheer in my closet, interestingly enough.  The only other little addition to this pattern were bra strap keepers.  The neckline isn’t extremely wide, but it’s open enough to warrant something to help keep it in place.
Vogue 1247 top

Verdict:  I like my “very loose-fitting” top.  I may be tempted to try this again.


23 thoughts on “Vogue 1247: The top this time

  1. I like this on you too! Like you I’ve been on the fence about it – even cut the pattern. Maybe I’ll make it after seeing yours. Fun piece of fabric as well! Definitely a win for you, for sure.

  2. I’m with you on the pattern – it’s supposed to be loose. But I think that the interesting seaming and the Hollywood dart at the CF give it some shaping so that it doesn’t look baggy or like it is too big. It looks great on you! And even us curvy gals have days where we want looser fit, right?

  3. The neckline is divine! We learn so much with each garment construction…I’ll bet you can whip up a couple more with a few tweaks and get a load of compliments! Go for it! This is a stash buster for sure!

  4. It’s beautiful and sure you won’t want to wear it everry day, but there are days when a girl just needs big and floaty. I was wondering what it would look like with long flowing pants?

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