Keeping Busy

Even though I haven’t been able to sew due to construction in my basement and the area that I call my sewing space, I’ve been busy with sewing related activities.

First, DH and I made another duct tape dress form.  It still needs to be filled with expandable insulation, covered and put on a stand, but I’m very happy to have a double of me again.duct tape twinIt’s made it much easier to adjust and fit patterns before cutting my stack of projects-in-waiting.waiting


9 thoughts on “Keeping Busy

  1. Congratulation! It looks like a work of art even as it is – not like the fake bodies of standard dressforms.

    I need to make a replacement as well. My Big Bertha is tipping over a bit & I think either she or I have changed shape slightly.

    Have you always used expanding insulation or have you tried toy stuffing as well? I’m wondering if the insulation would be lighter weight than stuffing. My Big Bertha weighs a ton – way more than her dinky leg could handle, so I’m also considering expanding insulation for next time. What would be the pros & cons of the insulation material?

    And do you pin into the duct tape or do you only pin to the cover? How do you keep pins from gumming up?

    1. I’ve never used expanding foam. I think it needs to be put in carefully and slowly because it can over-expand, at least that’s what I’ve read. And this will be the first DT double I’ve covered. I’m hoping the cover will eliminate mess up pins. But pins are cheap to replace, I guess……

    1. Threads’ website has a couple of sets of directions – I combined both. We started with a X your heart, used longer pieces for the initial layer, working from the CF or the CB out to the sides. For the curvy areas, we used short 1/2-inch wide pieces. This is the second one I’ve made, and I’m happier with it mostly because we used the centre-to-side taping direction, and the short narrow pieces for the curvy areas.


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