Gold Chevron Vogue 1027

Vogue 1027  frintI’m grinning like a fiend because I’ve finally sat down at a sewing machine and sewn a few seams!  Woo hoo! This is the first of several stashbustin’-end-of-summer sewing projects before I wrap my head around several jackets that are needed this fall.

I waffled between another Tiramisu dress or my third Vogue 1027, but I really wanted a dress that would hide my waistline fluff instead of draw attention to it, and this light jersey with gold chevrons would be a little less than flattering, I thought, with a Tira midriff section. So the Donna Karan design won the chevronsI made a slightly over-zealous FBA which gives the bodice a looser fit than the pattern design, but I’m OK with that.  I don’t like a knit garment to fit like a second skin.Vogue 1027 bindingsI used long narrow strips of fabric cut on the cross grain to finish the neckline and cap sleeves instead of hemming the neckline and using the shaped armhole facings.  This is my preferred finish for knits, but I’m sure you’ve all heard that every time I write a blog post about a knit garment.

I shortened the back by 2 inches – my usual short waist adjustment.  And I shortened the skirt by about 3 inches.  I think this length is summery and flattering.Vogue 1027I hadn’t hemmed the skirt prior to taking the pictures, but I have since folded up a narrow hem and double stitched it.  My new dress form made obtaining an even hem very simple.  One other change:  I added a tricot lining to the skirt.  This is the first yellow dress I’ve owned since I was a 6 year old, twirling in my MacLeod tartan sunburst pleated winter dress, and I’m liking!V 1027


27 thoughts on “Gold Chevron Vogue 1027

  1. love it! This is one of my few “repeaters” as well. I’ve made it twice. It’s just so flattering, comfy, and as you said, summery. This is a definite keeper.

  2. This is such a great pattern – I sewed it up at the beginning of the year too, but have since changed sizes so I gave it to my mum – she loves it too! It’s such an easy, flattering wear, isn’t it? I love the colour on you – very pretty 🙂

  3. Wow, beautiful dress. You did a great job with the fit. Did you have to fiddle with the hem or is that as is? It looks perfect and I have really had to fiddle with knit hems.

    1. Becki, I hung the dress for 36 hours on my duct tape twin and then evened out the hem. I left it raw for this post, but since then have turned it up 5/8″, stitched it with a straight stitch 1/4″ from the pressed edge, then again 1/16″ from the first stitching, and trimmed the allowance. I’ve made this dress 3 times, and not had problems with the hem growing on 2 versions. The 2nd version I changed the grain layout for the skirt, and it grew about 8 inches on only ONE side. grrr! Needless to say, I pay very close attention to grain direction when I’m cutting circle-style skirts in jersey now.

  4. great bright and cheerful dress! I think I could use this pattern- I love sewing with knits. Do you have a post or pictures on how you finish the inside with the strips of fabric cut on the cross grain? ~Laurie

  5. This is a lovely dress! I love how it looks like a solid yellow dress and then upclose you see the sweet print. You look absolutely great in it!

  6. Looks like you added just the right amount to me…second skin…that is what brides want in their dresses…ha ha. Love the close up of the fabric and great idea using a skirt lining…great for twirling! The binding sit so nice and flat too….great job, great dress on you!!!


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