Last Dress of Summer: Vogue 1303

Vogue 1303 purpleThis is the second Kay Unger dress that I’ve made, the first being a concert length version of Vogue 1206 for a friend.  I’ve had this dress muslined for at least 12 months, but never did anything with it.  Sometimes motivation is not my friend and projects languish.  But it’s done and ready to wear on a hot fall day, or next summer.  Yay!  New clothes to look forward to after the next 7 months of grey weather.Vogue 1303 midriffIsn’t the neckline wonderful?  I love the little “V” at the CF, and I was so happy to have a pretty neckline that didn’t need to be adjusted up an inch or two for coverage.  Sometimes it’s nice to have a neckline that sits a little higher than the rest in one’s wardrobe!

The midriff section of this dress is cut on the bias with the fullness releasing from pleats on the right side, and it just doesn’t show up in a print very well.  Imho, this is a good thing, because the wedge shape of it is rather odd.  When this garment hung on my Double, I wasn’t crazy about it.  When I tried it on, I wasn’t crazy about it, either.  Neither was the person in the mirror.  But when I saw these photos, I thought it wasn’t too bad.  Funny how a dress can grow on you when you see pictures of yourself in it.Vogue 1303 backNot quite perfect use of the design on the back.  Oh well!  I had to be careful cutting this out as I didn’t quite have enough fabric, and that’s what happens when I don’t stare at or think about the swirly patterns for long enough.  The fabric is a printed cotton voile and I’m happy to say everything came from stash again!  I’m whittling away at Mommy’s Fabric Store. 

Vogue 1303 FBA I did my usual FBA to the upper bodice only, shaping the new darts to fit the midriff section.  The dress is fully lined and I drafted facings for the back and self-lined the bodice.   I didn’t initially make any width adjustments to the back, but I needed to take it in about 2 inches because it was was too wide across the upper back.  This is a new phenomenon in my fitting adventures, and, in retrospect, I remember taking out a lot of width in my Cambie fitting exercise.  Interesting note to self for future projects.

Purple Vogue 1303I’m thinking I may make this dress up again next year, or possibly for fall in a heavier fabric.  So many lovely dress patterns to choose from!  Well, that’s all the summer dresses for this year, although I’m currently making muslins from May’s Burda issue for my Burda 2013 Challenge.  I’m so behind on that little goal, and determined to complete it.  Along with jeans and a Little French Jacket.


18 thoughts on “Last Dress of Summer: Vogue 1303

  1. The neckline is gorgeous (oh and the shoes!) and the waist wedge is fine. It’s pretty and doesn’t draw the eye in a bad way. I am going to have to get on with setting up my dress form this summer…..

  2. Oh, Lady! This dress is so flattering to your waistline!! I love any silhouette “hourglass” (maybe because I’m a hateful silhouette apple) and this dress really enhances that perfect waist you have. Love the draping so beautiful!

  3. I love the idea of having a wardrobe to look forward to – one day I shall get my crap together enough to sew for the season AHEAD instead of the one present LOL. I really love all your summer dresses, and this one is no exception 🙂

  4. It’s beautiful, what lovely colours. I am sure when you take it out next summer it will seem like a new dress. I love your blog as I sew vicariously through you

  5. I really like it. Lovely shape, looks great on you and the colours and pattern in the fabric are delightful. Here’s wishing for at least one more hot day for you before fall begins in earnest!

  6. It is great dress and you look wonderful! You are right – having such drape part looks better when using one colour or less visible pattern on a fabric.
    Success with the Little French Jacket 😉


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