Animal Print: Vogue 1245

Vogue 1245I bought this fabric a couple of seasons ago from a sale table of silk georgettes, mostly because DD1 really liked the print.  Then it sat on a shelf, and I would periodically ask what she would like to do with it.  Well, earlier this summer I asked again, and she confessed she didn’t really know and that she wasn’t really sure she’d wear this particular fabric anyways.  😀  More for mommy to wear, said I, and got down to cutting out this Alice + Olivia top.
Vogue 1245 backI purchased the pattern about 3 years ago in DD1’s then-current size, and need to grade up one size for me.  I didn’t do any other adjustments to this pattern – I just sewed it up as it was drafted.  Rationale:  flouncy design, flowy fabric and a busy print would probably hide any picky-perfectionist fitting issues.
Vogue 1245 AWell, the top was made up quickly without any hassle other than the usual extra time required for accurately handling lightweight silks, and then it hung in my closet until this past week when I finally decided to wear it and take pics.  We’ve been having lovely warm fall weather and this was perfect to wear on a warm fall day.
Vogue 1245 detailThis top is super comfortable to wear, although the ties are quite long even pulled into laaaaaarge bows and kept getting in the way of unloading groceries, making dinner and general kids-are-home-from-school time chaos.  It’s light, floaty and it’s fun to wear something with flounces.  My green Ruby camisole is perfect underneath and added that little extra bit of warmth that’s always desired in the fall.  The cami is also modesty insurance.  I don’t know if you can see it, but the neckline has a narrow-hemmed slit opening at the CF, and it’s low.
Vogue 1245 frontIt’s nice to finally blog this top.  I enjoyed making it and was pleased with the result on the hanger, and wearing it was a lot of fun.  And may I just add this disclaimer:  the pattern matching on the front hem flounces is a completely random occurrence.  Every time I try to think through and analyze pattern placement it’s hit and miss.  When I just go with the fabric, it works.  Luck, or proof positive that over thinking things without the benefit of a scientific mind doesn’t work.
And peeps, I made a pair of jeans.  I can’t wait to show them to you, because I am dayum proud of myself!

17 thoughts on “Animal Print: Vogue 1245

  1. Sorry, I couldn´t take a good look to your blouse becouse I was getting distracted by how fabulous you look! Really, these are very pretty photos of you! And the blouse is fantastic. Was it too painful to work with it?

  2. Ohhhhh, lucky thing daughters are fickle and change their minds a lot because this top looks fantastic on you! The silk must feel lovely on, as well. And animal print? Yes. Always. And jeans?? I swoon.

  3. Great top, and great weather…wish I had both! Don’t tell anyone that you didn’t plan the matching front ruffles, just smile and say you just had an “eye” for it.

  4. Love it! The colours are great, love the bits of green, Tthe style looks fab on you. Now – jeans…. well done! Looking forward to seeing them! 🙂


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