unintentional denim rescue

Burda 1-2010-136 side backI’ve tried again.  I was so hyped after making my first pair of jeans that I wanted to try again, only this time I was going to try to fix those pesky smile lines in the back.  And I wanted a pair that was heavily topstitched in a dark indigo denim.  The fabric is from my stash – a length of stretch denim blend purchased at a roll end party from Emma One Sock this past year.

I got cocky distracted this time around and didn’t measure properly, so this is a rescue post.  First, I had to add width.  Yup.  I wanted a pair of jeans that fit a little looser than my previous pair, but I didn’t add the extra inch or two of width when I cut.  *headdesk* So, after offering them to DD1 and DD2 (neither of whom were particularly enthused about a new pair of mom-made jeans) I put them aside and went to bed.  For the second day.  During the night, of course, inspiration arrived and I added a strip about 1 3/8 inch wide down the sides.  Piece work was required because I was using scraps.Burda 1-2010-136 cute backI was pretty dayum pleased with myself for this little bit of ingenious rescuing.  Of course it turned the jeans into dress jeans because the legs are wider than I wanted them to be.  My DH thinks they’re too wide.  I will not pick out all that topstitching, so they’re staying wide.  *humph*Burda 1-2010-136 side frontBut let me tell you, I had a saaaagaaaa of fitting frustration that drove me to distraction.  They’re still not the way I want them to fit, but they’re pretty good.  And I think I’ve finally figured out how to fix those lovely little smile lines.  Of course, I learned it too late for this particular pair.  But I now know.Burda 1-2010-136 backAnd they’re too short, damn it.  I wonder how stupid they’d look with a hemline add-on…Burda 1-2010-136 sideY’know… maybe something a bit flared and cut on the bias, because that’s all the scraps I have left!


13 thoughts on “unintentional denim rescue

  1. OK those side panels are the bomb!! When I was in high school, one of my best friends (who is a refashion QUEEN!) used to do the same thing to her jeans when they’d get too small. She would just use whatever was available too – usually some floral scraps – and no one would ever guess they were home sewn; she and her sisters had the coolest jeans in the whole school 🙂 Yours are like the classy lady version of the same and I think they’re just great!! 🙂

  2. LOVE the sides! It’s so funny how a mistake and then the rescue can sometimes really make the garment something unique and special! BRAVO!

  3. I like the additions on the sides. You make them look very intersting. And about the length, showing your heels is not a bad thing! I like trousers that I can wear either with flats and heels.

  4. They look brilliant! Love the instert & stitching details, & the width seems fine to me. You could always wear slightly lower heels if need be. Well done on your fitting & fingers crossed for third time lucky!

  5. Fantastic save! I recall some Burda (magazine) jeans from several years ago with the side panel.
    I don’t think they are short. I guess you wanted to cover more of your shoes?

  6. I am IMPRESSED! I really like the extra width but then I think wide legs and boots just go- and the top stitching at the bottom of the pant is ingenious! One of these days I will muster up enough courage to make a pair of jeans!

  7. Fabulous save! From the photos the extra side seams seem to add a slimming effect.

    And maybe they’re too short by conventional standards, but I rather like the look in the photos & how it shows off your heels. I don’t know, if it were floor length with heels, given that it’s wider legs it might make the legs look more stumpy than slimming. At least that’s how those floor length wide-legged trousers on less-than-model-tall women look to me, regardless of what the fashion gurus say.


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