Camoflauge Marfy 1998

F1998 sideMy DD3 is very pleased with her warm wool coat.  The fabric and the pattern (Marfy 1998) were her choice from my stashes.  When I asked her to model for me, this is what I got.F1998 sillyF1998 openF1998 crouchF1998 back

  This is my first Marfy Finished Object, having only made a muslin of Marfy 1313 which never got past the muslin stage because I hated the fabric I’d chosen for it. But that’s another story. This was a success from the beginning.  I shortened this coat to make it “petite”, and narrowed the shoulders by about one inch. I also cut the coat without any seam allowances except for the CF and neck edges. It’s a swing coat, and it really swings from the back shoulders.  See?  It hangs pretty much straight down from the shoulders.Marfy 1998 backThe front has an open neckline and a beautiful double collar.  I love this collar.  The top collar is shorter and can be pulled up straight for warmth around the back of the neck if desired.  The bottom collar is wool crepe from my stash, both upper and under collars interfaced to match the drape of the felted wool jersey.  Marfy 1998 double collarSingle welt pockets and princess seams complete the pattern, along with two-piece sleeves.  This was a very simple, straight-forward make.  I must say I’m impressed with Marfy.  Every single marking matched up perfectly, even with my grading the size down considerably.  And the details are just so divine.  The buttonholes are bound, and the sleeve cuffs and front facings are wool crepe, too.Marfy 1998 pocketsI interfaced the front and side fronts and the hem of the garment.  No underlining, just nice warm satiny kasha lining.  DD3 wore it for the first time today and commented on how nice it was to have a warm coat to wear given the miserable drizzly weather we had.  I’m glad she likes it.  The CF neckline sits about bust level, although I shortened it slightly, so a scarf is required.  Not very practical, but this will only be worn on occasions where a ski jacket isn’t appropriate.Marfy camouflageAnd there you have it.  Despite the goofy pictures with the cuffs fully extended, it fits DD3 well and hopefully will continue to fit her through the shoulders for the next couple of years as she grows.  I left a little extra in the seam allowances so I can let it out a bit if I need to.  Oh, and the pattern review is here.


14 thoughts on “Camoflauge Marfy 1998

  1. oh i love this coat! i would never have chosen that fabric, but it looks so good here. clearly your daughter approves, i hope my own kids still love their mama’s sewing when they’re teenagers!

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