Vogue 7603: A Horse

Vogue 7603 frontMeet Philip, the horse.  My lovely DD3 bugged me for something to sew about 3 months ago, and since I was feeling lazy and couldn’t be bothered shopping the stash or shopping the stores, I pulled a long-ago purchased bag of fabric and stuffing out of the storage area, plunked the pattern down in front of her and said, “Here you go.  Make a horse.”

And she did.Vogue 7603 side (2)The hooves are faux leather, the mane and tail are cotton yarn and the body is a wool melton.  DD3 did all the work with minimal assistance.  I helped with things like pinning excess ease on reverse curves or translating instructions into the actual project or shaping darts, but 95% of this was done by her little crafty self.Vogue 7603 sideThis is an OOP pattern, and the first one by Linda Carr that I have put together.  I’m impressed.  The pattern was perfectly drafted and came together beautifully.  Anything less would have frustrated a 10-year-old or her mother (who was busy sewing her own stuff and didn’t want to help, thank you very much), but DD3 was happy as a clam problem solving and moving from step to step.

It was a big project – a lot of work, I thought – but she was determined to make this as a gift for my 5-year-old nephew, who appreciated it tremendously.

Phillip the horseIt’s not really strong enough to support his weight, although the legs are reinforced with 1/2″ dowels, each 12 inches long, which will give you an idea of the scale of this little pony.  He’s big enough to keep an American Girl happy (and better made than the fuzz-covered plastic AG horse, IMHO).  I’m pleased that DD3 persevered a little bit at a time (and sometimes took a break lasting a week or two) to complete this cute little project!Vogue 7603Neigh!!!


13 thoughts on “Vogue 7603: A Horse

  1. I’m absolutely blown away by your daughter’s perseverance and skill… it makes me feel really guilty that I have somehow slipped up in my mothering, as my own nearly twelve year old would never comtemplate something this daunting. You both should be congratulated in spades!

    1. You should not feel guilty! My DD3 is very interested in sewing, but the eldest would rather trace Burda patterns for me than sew! Each one of our children is gifted differently. 🙂

  2. Wow, I can’t believe she made that!! Bravo!! And has her mum’s attention to detail I see – what a beautiful, selfless gift – you must be so very proud!! 😀

  3. I just found your blog in my search for this pattern…I’ve been looking for it (I know it’s out of print) and would really like to find a copy of it. Could you contact me if you know of anywhere I could get a copy of this pattern? I would LOVE to make a horse like this for my daughter’s (and my) AG collection. These awesome old patterns are so hard to find sometimes! 🙂

    Jess Beery

  4. Brilliant. Clever girl…. I did wonder what you meant in the Christmas post about the horse getting stuffed. I wasn’t sure if it was some bizarre Canadian festive custom…..

    1. bwahaha! No bizarre Canadian custom. That’s hilarious. The stuffing part was extremely tedious. I’m glad she didn’t ask for help with that part of the construction.

  5. I think this is my favourite project of 2013! And that does not mean to take away from any of the brilliant project I have seen this year, but this horse is just great. Serious kudos to your daughter! She has a great sewing future ahead of her!

  6. What a great horse — I love his hooves! My daughter cut her sewing teeth on Linda Carr’s book Wild and Wonderful Fleece Animals. She made almost all of them — with almost no assistance from me — and they all turned out great.

  7. Impressive! Especially for a 10-year-old! Imagine the patience involved, I’m not sure many 10-year-olds nowadays could have persevered and finish such a masterpiece. What a great cousin she is!


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