More Camo à la Burda

Burda 10-2013-107 frontAnother project completed in my Burda Challenge for 2013. And another dose of camouflage à la Burda’s October issue this year.  No weirdness here except the very commodious 80’s style batwings.

Burda 10-2013-107 mugBurda 10-2013-107 backBurda 10-2013-107 side

When DD1 first put this on her comment was, “It looks like a nightgown”.  Yup.  It hangs like a sack without the help of a belt.  But that’s a good thing, right?  Because a belt means you can make the skirt as short as you wish (since I wisely added a good 4 inches to the pattern).  HA!

The pattern is simple enough.  I made it up in a ponte knit so it’s warm for fall and winter.  The neck has a bias strip as a facing, which is turned to the inside and topstitched in place.  The placket was a bit fussy, but I stitched in the ditch and it’s as clean and neat a finish as one could wish for.  I was a bit concerned about the buttonholes, but they worked quite well on the interfaced ponte.  I must say I’ve never attempted buttonholes on a ponte knit before.Burda 10-2013-107 side backShe’s happy and has worn it several times although she keeps stealing my shoes.  But hey!  It suits her style and she’s pleased as punch, as is her seamstress.

And that’s my October 2013 Burda Challenge. Wish me luck to finish the challenge before December 31st!

7 thoughts on “More Camo à la Burda

  1. This is fricking AWESOME!! It looks amazing on her – love the style and the camo – not something I’d normally be drawn to but on her it’s so cool!! 😀


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