Marvelous Marfy

Today was one of those days that begin in neutral and head downhill.  FAST.

And then the doorbell rang.IMG_3876This is Marfy’s 2014/15 Autumn-Winter catalogue with – wait for it – 20 free patterns.


The patterns come in sizes (IT) 42 through 50.  Oh, happy day.  I smell a queue….IMG_3877


26 thoughts on “Marvelous Marfy

    1. Hi, Tereza! I have made a couple of Marfy patterns, and they require doing all things ‘properly’, i.e. making a toile, fitting, taking said toile apart, etc., etc., etc.

      So, no, I haven’t actually yet got up off my lazy butt to make one of these patterns.

      But I will. I definitely will. Sometime in the (near) future.


      Is that helpful, lol?

      1. Yes! I recently bought the 16/17 catalogue but haven’t even sat down to really puzzle anything out. I want to play with their patterns too, but am a little intimidated to start.

  1. I ordered this one as well and it arrived last week – I can’t decide the order of my list but I’ve had my hands on the catalogue every day trying to decide. It think it was a smart move to incl 20 patterns with the catalogue, I don’t think I would have bought it otherwise. This is my first and I’m looking forward to the challenge of sewing with no instructions. Looking forward to seeing what you make.

  2. I smell a queue too! oh wait, that’s mine haha 🙂 I didn’t realize Marfy had a printed catalogue – then again, I’m not overly familiar with them, but it looks like a great find! 🙂

  3. I also ordered their catalog, just for the free patterns! Last year’s also has free patterns, now my sewing queue just doubled… story of my life 🙂 But I’m optimistic about making one of the free-pattern dresses, they are really cute!

    1. I liked the dress patterns, too. All the tunics – not so much – so I’m thinking I’ll have new dresses this year! I didn’t realize their catalogs came with free patterns, so this may be a bad new habit….

  4. How wonderful!!! Yeah, I can smell a queue too!!
    I once saw a Marfy magazine-catalogue in a newstand in Santander…I thought the designs were too elegant for me and didn´t buy it…That was three years ago.They never had it in again. Missed opportunities!

    1. Buy it online, Merche! I totally get the looks are not for my lifestyle, generally, but it is super fun looking and browsing and dreaming and who can resist 20 free patterns?!

  5. I received mine yesterday. 😀 I already have a few favorites picked for summer sewing. FYI: A Challenging Sew has a Marfy sew along going right now. (I’ve linked it on my blog.) Have fun. Hope your day continues to get better.

    1. Yay for your copy! Such fun getting little perks in the mail. I’ll have to sit down with a cup of tea and browse through them all. I’m following along as Leisa shares her Marfy expertise. Great fun!


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