Vogue 8626: back construction

Vogue 8626 interfacing back (800x600)I’m taking my time on this coat.  I decided to interface the upper backs on the bias with horsehair.  I chose not to add front and back shields based on the fit.  There isn’t any caving through the shoulders.  I wanted the bias interfacing through the back to keep the movement of the tweed fluid.Vogue 8626 interfacing skirt (600x800)I underlined the back with polycotton broadcloth.  The hem is interfaced with bias strips of horsehair.  The seam allowances are all catch stitched into place, although these pics were taken prior to that step.  Here’s the back with all the pleats.back pleats (583x800)


9 thoughts on “Vogue 8626: back construction

  1. Oh interior shots are wonderful and I realise just how little i know about complicated things like jacket construction.

    The back is looking beautiful and I’m going to happily skip ahead through the next posts to see what you did ….

  2. looooove seeing these interior pics. as tempting as it can be to rush the bigger projects, it’s well worth slowing down! and those pleats in the back are divine!

  3. This is so beautiful already – the care you’ve taken makes it so very special 🙂 It’s clear this is going to be a piece you’ll treasure for years to come 🙂


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