Vogue 8626: pockets

Here’s a view of the in seam pockets.  I wasn’t sure about keeping them inseam, but decided I would leave them as is instead of changing them to welt pockets.in seam pockets (600x800) I added pocket stays to keep them from flopping around and extra organza strips to reinforce the pocket edges as they are just off grain and I don’t want the openings to stretch out of shape.  pocket stay (599x800)I also added 3-inch (10 cm) wide strips of Harris tweed to the front pocket lining pieces to limit the view of the very shiny kasha lining.pocket inside facings (600x800)I am going to pick stitch the edges to keep all the allowances, organza and interfacing in place.

5 thoughts on “Vogue 8626: pockets

  1. I´m in awe! That´s a lot of work and effort you are putting into this, and it looks like it is going to pay off! Can´t wait to see it all finished and thank you for letting us know of these little and wonderful tricks I, otherwise, would be oblivious of.

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the inside pics! It is such a priviledge to look into the details of all your careful work.


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