Vogue 8626: front

Vogue 8626 front interfacing (502x800)I interfaced the centre front pieces with horsehair cut on the straight grain, with the side fronts interfaced with bias interfacing.  Here’s a pic of the bound buttonholes.  I’m pretty darn proud of them, I must say.  I measure and re-measured and measured again, and they are as close to perfect as I could hope for.  *grin*Vogue 8626 buttonholesThe facing is underlined with silk organza, and I used silk organza patches to face the buttonhole facings. front facingAnd here’s the front facing, fell-stitched in place.bound buttonhole facing


16 thoughts on “Vogue 8626: front

  1. Your coat is shaping up to be a work of art! Your bound buttonholes are lovely inside and out, and all your careful interfacing is gorgeous.

  2. Woa! I’m speechless. The buttonholes are beautiful, and the fabric is the perfect choice as it shows very well all the seams and construction elements. It is great to see all the layers that contribute to the coat’s shape and support. Will all the pattern pieces be interfaced or underlined?


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