Vogue 8626: sleeves

I wanted the nicest possible sleeve head for this coat, so I cut a bias strip of tweed and interfaced the top 4 inches of the the sleeve head.sleeve capThe cuff is interfaced with a wide strip of bias horsehair.sleeve interfacingAfter fitting prior to sleeve insertion, I decided to put in a very small 1/4″ shoulder pad.  Here’s the front of the shoulders.shoulders frontHere’s the back view.  The shoulders of this coat are quite sloped and designed with no shoulder pads in mind.  shouldersI think this coat looks like it’s been in my closet for a while. Y’know – already broken in.sleeve head

14 thoughts on “Vogue 8626: sleeves

  1. Wow, I’ve never seen this technique! I’m pondering a linen jacket without shoulder pads, so this is going into “Skills I want to Try” category!

  2. Your work is fabulous. This coat looks incredibly elegant. I’m curious about the horsehair canvas in the sleeve head – I’ve seen other sewers do this and I’m not sure why. Do you do it primarily to add support and stability and prevent the sleeve cap from stretching with wear?

    1. I interface the sleeve head to help it maintain its shape over the years of wear. The armscye of a garment can take a lot of stress, and interfacing helps the silhouette stay crisp.


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