Vogue 8626: lining

Vogue 8626 back lining

The lining for my coat is what we call kasha lining: flannel-backed heavy satin.  I added a centre back pleat for the upper back.lining back pleat insideI simply cut a 4-inch wide strip, stitched each long edge of the strip to the centre back seams and then formed a box pleat.lining pleat right sideI then topstitched large triangles at either end of the pleat to hold all the folds in place.  And for that extra little piece of finishing, I trimmed the entire lining with shot taffeta bias strips.  Here’s an honest shot of the interior front.Vogue 8626 front liningLooks pretty messy.  I never noticed how off the lining was at the side front attachment seams until I took this photo, especially towards the hemline.  How irritating.  BUT… is it irritating enough to make me rip it out and stitch it again?  That is the question. 😉

6 thoughts on “Vogue 8626: lining

  1. Every time I see this lining in Fabricland, I admire it and touch it and wish I had something to make with it! LOL Do you know what it’s made of? I suspect something synthetic… does that seem to affect its personality at all in the wearing?

    1. I think kasha lining is 100% polyester. I’m not sure, though. I’ve never looked at the fibre content lable! It’s wonderfully warm and the satin is properly slippery – which makes it easy to slip on and off over clothes. It’s my fave for winter coat linings.

  2. Nice! Kasha you say? Cozy warm and silky… Mmmmhhhh… Can’t wait to see you wearing that lovely coat!

  3. Your coat looks as good on the inside as out. It’s a beautiful piece of workmanship. It’ll surely be super warm too with that kasha lining.


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