Me-Made-May ’14 Wrap Up

I didn’t announce it, but I participated in the yearly extravaganza known as Me-Made-May.  What fun to scroll through the (hundreds) of photos posted in the Flickr group on a weekly basis.  There’s over 5000 photos this year!  Amazing!

MMM14This year a wonderful group of sewists from Japan and Toyko joined us and it was so inspirational to see all the garments they’ve sewn and wear daily from the various Japanese pattern books available.  I’ve never tackled any Japanese pattern book…. yet.

I always appreciate the me-made celebrations, although taking a daily photo of what I’m wearing can become tedious very quickly.  I didn’t take any particular care to look pretty for the camera this year, and I was surprised at how casual my cool-weather wardrobe is.  It’s also a great way to decide what looks good on me and what I should leave to other people.  So here’s my observations:

  • I like dresses better than separates.
  • I should make more jackets/cardigans because then I can wear layers (imagine that), which means I can wear my dresses without freezing when it’s cold.

Anyways, if you were not able to join, I urge you to do so for Zoe’s next hosting of this fun online event!  Were you able to participate?  What’s the one thing you’re taking away from the experience this year?


9 thoughts on “Me-Made-May ’14 Wrap Up

  1. Congrats on completing the MMM! I participated a few years ago, and that’s the one thing I remembered about that month…the picture-taking! What a task! I love all your outfits, everything is very flattering!

  2. Hello, partner! 🙂 I enjoyed so much your company during MMM. Your makes are always something special, and whatever you make, jackets, cardis or japanese patterns I know they are going to be terrific!

  3. I did not – I don’t have enough made items to do it yet. I hope to next year though because it was really fun and inspirational to see everyone’s makes:)

    1. I remember the first year I participated. I, too, didn’t have enough weather-appropriate me-mades, so I substituted in friend-made jewellry, scarves and sweaters (I do NOT do things with yarn other than embroidery). It was a challenge!

  4. i always admire those who manage to take “real” photos for MMM. yours look great! i knew IG selfies were about as good as it was gonna get for me! i managed me-mades every day (though in all honesty, it’s not a challenge anymore) the only embarrassing thing was wearing the same pair of jeans so. many. times. must remedy that!

    1. I understand the jeans repetition, which is why I like warmer weather me-made celebrations. I own a lot more pretty dresses than trousers/jeans!

  5. I didn’t participate officially nor did I take daily photos, but I did think about me-made every day when I selected clothes. And I did wear at least one garment that was me made. I love seeing all the me-made outfits out there. It’s inspirational.

  6. Can I just get the jealousy bit out of the way: I would love to be able to wear the clothes in your pictures as cold weather clothes!! They basically are like my warm weather clothes. *insert teary face*
    I hear you re the dresses, but I have to say that your jeans are spectacular! They really look amazing!

    1. I’d love to be able to wear my me-mades in cold weather, too! Here’s to working on more, considering 7out of 12 months of each year is considered cold weather around here….


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