The shorts factory is open

I’m avoiding my blue dress while I make up summer weather appropriate bottoms for DD3.  She needed shorts, and she wanted them in denim, which is so appropriate since I’ve had a few runs at making a jean-style bottom recently!  Burda 6-2011-110 shortI used leftover yardage from my first pair of Jalie jeans for the dark pair.  I didn’t distress them – just focused on fun topstitching.Burda 6-2011-110 dark shortI used the trouser pattern Burda 6/2011 #110 and shortened the pattern to a Burda 6-2011-110amid-thigh length (inseam is about 4 inches hemmed).  DD3 is quite conservative in her choice of style, and doesn’t like short shorts.  I chose this pattern because of the 5-pocket jean styling, and because it’s drafted for non-stretch fabrics.  Both my fabrics are stretch denim, but I wanted the extra wearability factor, which (I hope) will mean they will still fit her next year.  She’s only 11 years old, but she’s as tall as I am and wearing the same size as DD1, who turns 16 this month.  She’s going to be a taaaaaall girl.  (I’m jealous in a proud sort of way.)

Burda 6-2011-110 detailI put the coin pocket on the patterned denim, although you can’t see it at all and it’s too small to be functional for anything other than a coin.  DH thought I was out of my mind trying to match the motifs for the back pockets and suggested it would be better if I centred each one over a motif and just applied them whichever way.  Here’s the result:Burda 6-2011-110 patterns pocketI think that pattern is so busy no one would pay attention to these details while they’re being worn.  Lucky for me, because I’m not sure his idea worked to my satisfaction!  And just ‘cuz this is a sewing blog, here’s one of the two fly zips. Burda 6-2011-110 patterned denim shortsNext up on her summer wish list:  blue camo!


14 thoughts on “The shorts factory is open

  1. Oh, I love those. You know how much I like making dresses but I have to admit that during the summer what I usually wear are shorts. Great top stitching!!

  2. They both look great and I think the pocket print placement is a pretty good idea actually – I’m coming to realise that only sewers really notice these things anyway. Your DD is lucky to have a shorts factory so close!

  3. Great topstitching! Found the pattern on What is the width of the legs? I’ve been looking for a jeans pattern that doesn’t recommend stretch denim. I have 100% cotton denim I want to use.

    1. I’d try making a toile one or two sizes bigger than you normally would with a stretch denim and see if the fit works. I’ve done this with other garments and it does work. I think this pattern is actually drafted for madras cotton, which does NOT have any stretch in it.

    1. I used two techniques: a) regular heavy/jeans/upholstery/topstitching thread with the bottom tension adjusted so the stitches were taut; and b) regular thread using the stretch stitch on my machine. This looks like ” ||| ” on the diagram on my machine. I used the longest stitch length possible.

      1. Aaah, maybe I need to fiddle with the bottom tension then. I never get such a nice look even with top stitching thread. Thanks for the tip!


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