bed crowns and curtains

Well, the curtains are finished.   Actually, they’ve been sitting on one of the sewing tables waiting for the crowns to be adjusted. bed cornice My camera does weird things with perspective. Anyways, the problem is a long story. You see, this is not what I usually sew, and I don’t always measure or understand the math involved in proper pattern making as some of you well know. This flaw spilled into this project. The curtain headings are 4 inches deep, which is the depth of the crown. The original eye screws were put into moulding at 1/2 inch intervals, 1/2 inch up from the bottom of the crown. But my drapery hooks are 1 inch long, so you smart readers will know that the bottom 1/2 inch of the hooks will be peeking out below the moulding. But I had to sew them up and hang them before I realized this. I solicited DH’s help, and he glued 2-inch blocks of wood inside the crown and has re-screwed the eyes up moulding So now, all is good in the bed curtain world, and we have this:

bed curtainDD1 slept, for the first time, in her be-curtained bed and informed me this morning that she likes the curtains because they can be adjusted for privacy and light control.   I’m glad they’re a success.

And my dear eldest painted this lovely scene from Barbie and the Island Princess for the bedroom door plaque.  She’ll be stringing DD2 and 3’s names painted in flourishes underneath for the finishing touches.door plaqueIn my last post I commented that I was pencil pleating these curtains by hand.  I suppose I could have used the readily available pleating tape, but I wanted perfect control of the pleats, and I didn’t trust the tape.  Besides, I find sewing by hand extremely relaxing.

Well, this home decor project is finished, and if you thought doing pencil pleats by hand was more work than a home decor project is worth, you’ll think I’ve really gone off the deep end for the next project.  😀


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