LATH Wardrobe: Burda 1/2013 #114 Scarf Cardigan

Hmmm…  When I first put this on and took photos, I wasn’t too sure about it because of the front chiffon scarf-thingy.  But today, after getting a bit chilly, I am pleasantly pleased with the warmth of the silk and how flowy this is.  I like flowy for some reason, even if it can look a bit like a sail in full wind.Burda 1-2013-114 frontI thought – when I first looked at this pattern – that the chiffon was attached to the front edge of the cardigan, in order to mimic the look of a long scarf. But it’s actually a completely separate piece  attached at the shoulder and back neck seams. See?Burda 1-2013-114  inner jacket114_0113_b_largeThis is the “scarf jacket” from Burda 1/2013 #114.  It’s an easy and quick sew, apart from hemming the chiffon.  Burda suggests a tight overcast stitch, but I used a baby hem.  The bottom is only slightly curved, and I cut the long front/collar edge on the selvedge, which made turning and stitching it simple.  The back neck is supposed to be bound with a bias strip, but I decided to fold over the chiffon and stitch it to the back neck edge and leave off the bias binding.  The fit isn’t snug, and fits well over a long-sleeved shirt.  Here’s the back view.

... still plastering and sanding the walls ....
… still plastering and sanding the walls ….

Nothing much else to say about this. It’s warm and comfy to wear. Stay tuned for the next piece in this stay-at-home wardrobe. I’m on a roll!Burda 1-2013-114 side


6 thoughts on “LATH Wardrobe: Burda 1/2013 #114 Scarf Cardigan

  1. This is a lovely jacket.
    I made this pattern up, without the chiffon layer, and was disappointed. I am sure this was due to fabric choice.
    I used a double knit and cut the jacket out without the outer layer at the front. This meant the double knit was the chiffon layer and that was the only layer.
    Mine was frumpy.Yours is definitely not.

  2. ooo, this does look rather nice! Do you think it would be possible to attach the scarfy things to the front hem like you (and I!) originally thought? I`ve got this on my list, but my scarfy-thingy-fabric might not be quite thin enough to look nice under the main front piece…

    1. I’ve thought about attaching the front piece together, but, honestly, the only time the fact that they’re separate is annoying is when I’m trying to find the CB collar to put it on or put it away. Otherwise it’s kinda nice and kinda different. As for the weight of the scarf, keep in mind that Burda suggests a mid-weight silk like charmeuse or crepe (de chine).


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