LATH Wardrobe: Maxi Skirt & Tee

Burda 2-2013-126 teeThese are the next couple of pieces in my LATH wardrobe.  I’ve made the tee up twice before.  You can see the op-art version here and the second version here. I didn’t have a lot of the graphic rayon knit – about one metre or so.  It’s a great pattern, although it tends to fit a bit on the snug side.  I added 2 cm at the side seams through the waist, tapering out to an additional 3 cm at the hips.  As mentioned in my op-art post, Burda’s binding instructions for the neckline are horrible.  I just cannot do a bound neckline in a knit or jersey to save my life.  (Mind you, if it was to save my life, I’d probably try a lot harder.) So I just did the simple sure-fire edging that always works for knits.neck binding

And what about the skirt?  It’s a simple two-piece pattern (Burda 1/2013 #116).  Not much to say.  The only changes I made to the pattern were to taper from waist to hip to make the skirt piece fit into the rectangular waistband.  The pattern is a bit on the straight side, and I require a larger hip:waist ratio than what was drafted.  Here’s a pic of the skirt’s waistband with the tee tucked in.

Burda 1-2013-116What else can I say about these pieces?  They’re both comfy and they look good together.   I’m liking the tee – it will go with many other pieces besides the LATH wardrobe.  And I confess to wearing the skirt a couple of days in a row because it’s just so easy to wear.

20 thoughts on “LATH Wardrobe: Maxi Skirt & Tee

  1. You look comfy, casual and sophisticated…is that possible? Yes, as you have proven Lovely pieces and I really like the tee with the gathers.

  2. Great wardrobe concept and these pieces look so nice, especially as I am a purple fan! Does the skirt waistband foldover like you sometimes see on yoga pants

  3. Comfortable and a great color combo on you; looks nice enough to wear out of the house and not just lounging! I find it very comfy to wear a long jersey skirt around the house. Keeps the A/C chill off my legs as an added bonus!

    1. Aw, thanks! The colours were rather dictated based on what was in stash. I must say, it’s fun pulling out the bins, emptying them all out and seeing what goes together well.

  4. I think this such a great collection of clothes; there’s nothing like coming home from work and slipping into PJs but your set is so much more sophisticated. I have the Burda skirt pattern and you’ve certainly given me some ideas, thank you.

  5. Love the colors! You do look very comfortable down to your purple toes! Even simple edgings can give me fits on knit necklines. I hand baste them on and make sure they hug me back rather than lean out but it is sure trial and error most of the time. The gathers make the t-shirt a bit more dressy than a plain old one…good job!


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